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Gesture Recognition PowerPoint Presentation
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Gesture Recognition

Gesture Recognition

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Gesture Recognition

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  1. Gesture Recognition By Michael Wells

  2. What is it? • Gesture recognition is the mathematical interpretation of a human gesture by a computing device. • Gesture recognitiona component of what developers refer to as a perceptual user interface (PUI). • Basically when you move one of your limbs, or change your facial expression, the program you are operating recognizes this and reacts to it.

  3. ….Continued • Hand and body gestures can be amplified by a controller that contains accelerometers and gyroscopes to sense tilting, rotation and acceleration of movement . • Also, the computing device can be outfitted with a camera so that software in the device can recognize and interpret specific gestures.

  4. Why? • Allows interaction to be very natural in our 3-dimensional world. • In video gaming, it allows for a more-involved, interactive type of gaming. Instead of only buttons, body motions contribute to the gaming. • Recognizing gestures as input allows computers to be more accessible for the physically impaired .

  5. When? • This technology is already being put to use. • Current uses of gesture recognition: • Nintendo Wii (And other generic gaming systems) • Sign language recognition • Virtual controllers

  6. How will it affect technology? • May start to replace traditional keyboard functions on computers. • Will start to be integrated into video gaming possibly by taking buttons off controllers and adding more gesture recognition. • May replace gaming controllers and joysticks.

  7. Companies taking advantage: • Nintendo-Video Gaming • Optrima- Video Gaming • Softkinetic- Computer Interactions • NASA- Virtual Simulations • CiteSeer- Sign Language Recognition

  8. Future • It seems that no companies or industries will be threatened by this technology, but will force them and allow them to grow and produce better products to keep up with other companies. • I think this new technology will continue to be a success and add to our rapidly advancing, computer revolving society.

  9. Outcome • This technology has contributed to technological advancements in a number of fields and has been very successful. • The Wii gaming console has been a hit for the past 4 years and has been hard for consumers to get their hands on. • Sign Language Recognition is being more and more accessible to the visually impaired and has proven to be a success.