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Gesture Recognition

Gesture Recognition. B y: Salvatore Caruso and Steve Paluszek. What is Gesture Recognition. Gesture recognition is the mathematical interpretation of a human motion by a computing device.

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Gesture Recognition

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  1. Gesture Recognition By: Salvatore Caruso and Steve Paluszek

  2. What is Gesture Recognition • Gesture recognition is the mathematical interpretation of a human motion by a computing device. • In gesture recognition technology, a camera reads the movements of the human body and communicates the data to a computer that uses the gestures as input to control devices or applications.

  3. How Gesture Recognition makes Modern Living Easier • Changing the channel on the TV • Opening blinds • Turning on or off lights • Removes unnecessary daily tasks

  4. Video Gesture Recognition

  5. Uses of Gesture Recognition • Sign language recognition • Socially assistive robotics • Virtual controllers • Remote control • Immersive game technology

  6. Industries that use Gesture Recognition • Nursing • Architecture • Gaming • Consumer Computers

  7. Gesture Recognition in Video Games • Nintendo Wii • The Nintendo Wii uses an IR remote that sends a signal to the sensor bar attached to the TV. The user then moves the controller up, down, left, and right and the sensor bars recognizes it. • Microsoft Kinect • The Kinect sensor is a horizontal bar connected to a small base with a motorized pivot and is designed to be positioned lengthwise above or below a TV. The sensor provides full-body 3D motion capture, facial recognition, and voice recognition capabilities. Microsoft made the user the controller.

  8. Challenges of Gesture Recognition • Images or video may not be under consistent lighting, or in the same location. • Items in the background or distinct features of the users may make recognition more difficult • The amount of background noise also causes tracking and recognition difficulties • Distance from the camera, and the camera's resolution and quality, also cause variations in recognition accuracy

  9. The Future of Gesture Recognition • Robotic Nurses controlled by the surgeon using gesture recognition. • Improved videogame technology where the user can control everything and play any game without touching a physical remote control. • One day every company will use gesture recognition

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