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Different Types of Wax for Different Body Parts PowerPoint Presentation
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Different Types of Wax for Different Body Parts

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Different Types of Wax for Different Body Parts
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Different Types of Wax for Different Body Parts

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  1. Waxxxie

  2. Different Types of Wa for Different Body Parts. People often wonder if they can use wax to remove the unwanted hair on all parts of their body. The answer is yes, but only if you use the right wax for the right body part. In this blog we’ll explain the differences between different types of wax and we tell you what is the best face wax, the best wax for total body hair removal and we reveal the best body wax kit.

  3. You probably know that your skin is not the same on different parts of the body. The skin on your face and delicate areas is much thinner and more sensitive than your legs or arms. For these delicate areas we recommend using a hard wax. Hard wax is the best face wax and the best wax for delicate areas as it releases from the skin easily, while still gripping onto the hair. Hard wax is applied in a thumb sized oval and once set can be removed without the use of wax strips. Waxxxie Salon Wax is the best face wax and the best wax for use on delicate areas.

  4. If you’re less experienced in waxing, or if you need a quick touch up on the go, we recommend using the Ready to Use Face Wax Strips – simply warm up between your hands, apply and remove without making a mess. All Waxxxie hard waxes come with a single use after care wipe sachet to remove sticky wax residue. If you need to remove more wax residue after you’ve used the wipe, simply use any vegetable oil. Massage the oil into your skin until all residue is dissolved

  5. If you’re waxing large areas of the body, like your arms or legs, the best wax is a strip wax. Strip wax allows you to wax larger areas at once. Strip wax is applied in large sections at once and can be removed with the use of wax strips. Waxxxie Aquawax is the best leg wax, because it is very effective, but still gentle on the skin. Any sticky residue can be removed with water.

  6. If you’re less experienced, the Waxxie  Aquawax Roll on Kit is the best wax kit for large areas. It has everything you need for a mess-free wax and it can be heated up in the microwave. The wax roller allows you to simply roll a thin layer of wax onto the skin. Included in the kit are different sized roller heads, depending on the area you want to wax. This gives you control for ultimate precision while waxing. This strip wax can then be removed with the supplied wax strips.

  7. All Waxxxie waxes are dermatologically tested and proven gentle on sensitive skin. We don’t use any fragrances to cover up nasty chemicals, because we simply don’t need to use any. All our waxes are made in Australia with the best quality professional ingredients currently on the market. We never test our products on animals and we don’t buy our raw material from any suppliers that do. This means you can use our products with a clear conscience! Source:- https://waxxxie.blogspot.com/2019/09/diff erent-types-of-wax-for-different.html

  8. Contact Us USA Waxxxie Waxxxie Waxxxie Waxxxie info@waxxxie.com +61 03 5227 4999 //waxxxie.com/