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Twitter. The American Red Cross and The Travel Channel. The American Red Cross.

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  1. Twitter The American Red CrossandThe Travel Channel

  2. The American Red Cross The American Red Cross is the nation’s most well known and respected emergency response organization. The foundation of the American Red Cross is community involvement and volunteerism. They are volunteer led and community funded. The ARC has trained 12 million people in emergency response and lifesaving skills.

  3. They use Twitter very effectively to communicate their messages to the general public, as well as, the individual communities they are currently involved with. The ARC uses Twitter to generate donations, communicate with people currently affected by disaster, relay information, provide helpful tips on how to avoid disaster, thank current donors and for status updates on current disaster relief. http://twitter.com/redcross

  4. The American Red Cross use of Twitter is consistent with their culture of community involvement, help in times of disaster and preparedness. The information and links they provide through Twitter are invaluable especially to someone experiencing a disaster. Their Twitter will continue to be successful and helpful to the communities they serve.

  5. The Travel Channel The Travel Channel is a cable television channel originally started by TransWorld airlines in 1987. The channel is dedicated to all things relative to travel and leisure. The programming includes shows where hosts visit various places around the world (Samantha Brown), haunted locations (Ghost Adventure), foods in other cultures around the world (Bizarre Foods), as well as, various cities throughout the U.S. (Man vs Food) and how-to shows (Madadventures).

  6. The Travel Channel’s use of Twitter is first and foremost self-promotion, however, they also use Twitter to make travel suggestions, thank loyal TTC Twitter followers, respond to specific tweet requests and promote disaster relief and community awareness. • http://twitter.com/travelchannel

  7. The Travel Channel’s Twitter is very impressive. They utilize it mostly for promoting their own programming which works very well. I found myself wanting to tune in to several of the shows they would tweet to send reminders about. More importantly….they constantly interact with people visiting their site. Every question gets an answer from someone at the Travel Channel. I tweeted asking them for travel guides to Rome, Florence and Venice since I will spending several weeks there this summer. Within a few hours they tweeted back what I needed to do to obtain these guides and included the link. Besides providing useful information for travel the site is sustainable because it’s very personal. People will continue to visit and tweet because TCC has made their Twitter so user friendly, interactive and informative.

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