spatial inequality project mexico city and detroit n.
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Spatial Inequality Project Mexico City and Detroit PowerPoint Presentation
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Spatial Inequality Project Mexico City and Detroit

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Spatial Inequality Project Mexico City and Detroit - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Spatial Inequality Project Mexico City and Detroit. By: Lily Grills, Jaclyn Morganroth and Ellie McElroy. Rich House in Mexico City.

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spatial inequality project mexico city and detroit

Spatial Inequality ProjectMexico City and Detroit

By: Lily Grills, Jaclyn Morganroth and

Ellie McElroy

rich house in mexico city
Rich House in Mexico City

The “haves” are mostly middle class. A very small number are upper class. The very wealthy are usually land owners or leaders in business and government. They live in castle like houses even with security systems. They hire the working poor. The middle class live in normal houses or apartments near the city epicenter. They can only afford some luxuries. Although, it has become harder for them because if the Mexican economy. They are working extremely hard to keep their title of the middle class people of Mexico city.

poor house in mexico city
Poor House in Mexico City

The “have not's” are usually people who have just recently came to Mexico City. In the slums, they are on the edge of the city and usually made of scrap materials. People that have worked here for longer might have jobs. Others may beg on the street or sell cheap items found. This picture defines how the middle class in Mexico City lives. This includes cinder-block homes with tar covered roofs or abandoned apartment buildings. These usually have electricity and in some cases running water. Even the lives for these people is very difficult.

rich house in detroit
Rich House in Detroit

This is a house just west of one of the wealthy neighborhoods of Detroit; Palmer Park. As you can see it is made of expensive materials with a groomed yard and nice vegetation. People who live in this house probably have well paying jobs close to the inner city. They have running water and electricity and they most likely don’t have to worry about getting food and essential supplies to be healthy. Also, they probably have extra luxuries such as a television and a home phone.

poor house in detroit
Poor House in Detroit

This is a house belonging to poorer people in Detroit. It is most likely on the outskirts of the city. The houses as you can see are also further apart. The roofs are old and torn up, covered by tarps and all of the windows are blocked out or boarded. The yards are pretty much dirt, and there is little to no vegetation. People living in these houses might have low paying jobs outside the city and most likely are having a hard time paying for where they live and essential items. They probably don’t have many luxuries.

spatial inequality definition
Spatial Inequality Definition
  • Spatial Inequality is the unequal distribution of wealth or resources in a geographic area, so that some places are richer than others.
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