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A day in the life of a LinkedIn social seller

Pioneering LinkedIn sales executives are changing how sales is done. Their social selling techniques are reshaping prospecting and turning the conventional sales process on its head. Hear firsthand from three of the top performing members of our sales team — salesperson to salesperson — as they reveal how they run sales at LinkedIn, the tools they use, and their top tips for success.

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A day in the life of a LinkedIn social seller

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  1. A day in the life of a LinkedIn social seller

  2. Today’s Speakers Andy Kellam John Kuhns Gabe Diop Head of Mid-Market Sales LinkedIn Sales Solutions Senior Account Executive LinkedIn Sales Solutions Sales Development Specialist LinkedIn Sales Solutions

  3. Agenda •  Why social selling? What is social selling? •  A day in the life of a social seller part 1: AE & SD Partnership •  A day in the life of a social seller part 2: AE Workflow •  A day in the life of a social seller part 3: SD Workflow •  A day in the life of a social seller part 4: AE & Manager Partnership •  Q&A

  4. Why social selling?

  5. Simplifying Truth #1: We are all selling the same thing. Change. Source: Brent Adamson, Author, The Challenger Sale.

  6. Simplifying Truth #2: Your customers won’t change to you if you’re not talking to them.

  7. 5.4 ­ people are involved in the average B2B buying decision 75% ­ of B2B buyers use social media to inform themselves on vendors 75% 90% ­ of B2B decision makers never respond to cold outreach 90%

  8. How we do we define social selling? •  Is it using a tool, a methodology, 
 or a blend of the two?

  9. The Components of Social Selling Create a Find the right people Engage with insights Build strong relationships professional brand Each component is part of your Social Selling Index (SSI) score and valued at 25 points for a total possible score of 100

  10. The Impact of Social Selling 2x New clients Meetings secured Opportunities generated

  11. Do it all the time, not just the beginning

  12. AE/SD Partnership

  13. Account Prioritization •  Which companies make sense for me to work on •  Which companies should the SD work on •  Plan approach

  14. Prospect Prioritization •  Who are we reaching out to? •  With what message? •  Division of Labor

  15. Building Pipeline

  16. Find the right people Lead Builder is critical in preventing leads from slipping through the cracks

  17. Reach out at the right time Listen for social triggers to help you engage

  18. Leverage the power of relationships to boost win rates A decision maker is 5x more likely to talk to me if I’m introduced to them

  19. If no relationship is there, use insight Every other salesperson has a name and a title—how is your outreach unique?

  20. Reach out to multiple stakeholders The average deal includes 5.4 people whose opinions dictate buying or not buying

  21. Tips for increasing response rates •  Use insights about the prospect’s company to personalize the InMail •  Mention: •  Prospect’s experience •  Items from their profile •  What you know of their company, industry or a recent post •  Keep to a relatively informal tone offering a conversation, not a hard sales message

  22. RE: LinkedIn Sales Solution and Company ABC George Thomas CEO, Company ABC July 24 2015 3:59PM

  23. Growing Deals & Mid-stage Deals

  24. Tips for increasing win rates and deal size Use Lead Recommendations and Saved Searches •  Are there other buying centers? •  Are there higher-ups that can be a supporter? •  Are there new hires who are potential buyers? Be agile, there’s more than one way to skin a cat •  Decision makers aren’t always signers •  Use social insights to weave into your messages •  Transparency is your friend
 Aim to provide insight and context in each conversation •  Don’t let connections go cold, keep leaders who you’ve engaged with updated of what’s happening

  25. SD Workflow Engaging prospects & building relationships

  26. The Challenge for SDs •  How do we produce a high volume of outreach while maintaining great quality? •  How is Sales Navigator the best solution to solve this problem?

  27. Partnership with AE •  How do I ensure my AE overachieves his quota? •  Division of Labor (account level, prospect level, etc.) •  Collaboration (insights, alerts, groundswell, C-level buy in, etc.)

  28. Inbound & Outbound •  Find the Right People Quickly (buying committee) •  Engage With Insights (business & personal) •  Build Strong Relationships (uncover warm introductions)

  29. CRM Widgets View LinkedIn data within your CRM What Does it Do? •  Search for people on LinkedIn from within your CRM and view profile details including photos, current roles, and work history. •  Uncover the best way to get introduced through TeamLink •  Find new leads directly in Salesforce with Lead Recommendations •  Get Account & Lead Updates including news mentions and job changes when viewing accounts in Salesforce. •  Turn your contact records into rich sources of insight •  Plus, see which of your colleagues could introduce you •  Get updates including news mentions and job changes when viewing accounts. •  Search for the right people using Premium Search filters – within Salesforce. •  Discover other relevant leads Why Does it Matter? View LinkedIn information where you’re already tracking your other sales activity. Turn your contact records into rich profiles by seeing LinkedIn information directly in Salesforce & Microsoft Dynamics 29

  30. Inbound Example

  31. Multithread 31

  32. Partnership with AE •  Saw AE had previous opportunity with the 3rd lead recommendation who is the ultimate Decision Maker •  AE used inbounds lead to re-engage DM •  20k deal closed within 2 weeks •  Division of Labor

  33. Outbound: Timing Example

  34. TeamLink (serendipity) Engage through your company’s network What Does it Do? •  Quickly and easily identify who on your team can introduce you to a prospect Leverage the TeamLink filter to focus on prospects within warm connection paths •  Why Does it Matter? Use your company’s network to uncover the best way to get introduced. TeamLink automatically expands your LinkedIn network, showing you which colleagues can help connect you with prospects and accounts. 34

  35. Who’s Viewed Your Profile Quickly see prospects who view your profile What Does it Do? •  See who’s viewed your profile over the last 90 days and save them as potential leads Why Does it Matter? Buyers are constantly researching their sellers to make purchasing decisions. Leverage the opportunity to identify prospects who are interested in doing business with you. 35

  36. Personalization

  37. Multithreading + Timing = Pipeline •  Before the alert, this opportunity was dead as two directors of sales said “no” and former VP of Sales was unresponsive •  After the alert, demo set for 30k opportunity

  38. AE/Manager Partnership

  39. Reach out to multiple stakeholders The average deal includes 5.4 people whose opinions dictate buying or not buying.

  40. Key Takeaways ●  Successful social sellers use Sales Navigator to be effective at scale ●  The use of technology lends to better collaboration across teams ●  Collaboration between roles and teams is critical for “Multi-threading” into accounts and engaging buying committees ●  Effective “Multi-threading” can impact both deal cycle time and deal size/growth

  41. Questions? lnkd.in/letschat Andy Kellam John Kuhns Gabe Diop Head of Mid-Market Sales linkedin.com/in/andykellam Senior Account Executive linkedin.com/in/johnbkhuns Sales Development Specialist linkedin.com/in/gabediop

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