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KEEP Train the Trainer Workshops PowerPoint Presentation
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KEEP Train the Trainer Workshops

KEEP Train the Trainer Workshops

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KEEP Train the Trainer Workshops

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  1. KEEP Train the Trainer Workshops March 25th, 2013 @ The Kansas State Department of Education, Topeka and March 28th, 2013 @ Smoky Hill Educational Service Center, Salina

  2. Welcome • Welcome • Introductions (Name, Title, USD, Town) • Logistics • Agenda Review and Agreement

  3. KEEP 2013 Manual Review 1. Each Group reviews one area of the KEEP Manualfor the entire Group 2. Each Group talks about two things that could be better in their section • Table of Contents, page 3 • Philosophy, Purpose and Descriptors, pages 4-7 • Teacher Evaluation, pages 15-28 • Building Leader Evaluation, pages 29-49 • District Leader Evaluation, pages 51-68

  4. KEEP Manual Table of Contents • Review Table of Contents Section – page 3 • Suggestions

  5. KEEP Manual Philosophy, Purpose and Descriptors • Review Philosophy, Purpose, and Descriptors Section – pages 4-7 • Suggestions

  6. KEEP Manual Teacher Evaluation • Review Teacher Evaluation Section – pages 15-28 • Suggestions

  7. KEEP Manual Building Leader Evaluation • Review Building Leader Evaluation Section – pages 29-49 • Suggestions

  8. KEEP Manual District Leader Evaluation • Review District Leader Evaluation Section – pages 51-68 • Suggestions

  9. Explanation of Process Using Process Sheets • 3 Process Sheets/Handouts (also in the KEEP Manual) • Explanation of Each Process • Amounts of Time • Matched Process in the KEEP Repository

  10. KEEP Repository Two Processes Need to Be Completed to Use the KEEP Repository • Districts complete a sequence of steps to set up evaluation roles and gain access to the Repository • Authenticated Application through KSDE

  11. How to Get Into the KEEP Repository • Authorized Applications - How to Receive Authorization • Video link for online training • Follow this link to the user login for KSDE Web Applications

  12. KEEP Repository District Completes • Within EDCS: • Step 1: Complete profile and assignment data • Step 2: Set evaluation roles • Step 3: Submit evaluation roles

  13. KEEP Repository Step 1: Profile and Assignment data • Authenticated Applications • EDCS • Staff Data • Find/Update Staff • Roll over, Import or Enter Individually • Enter Profile and Assignment data

  14. EDCS Home Page – Go to Staff Data

  15. KEEP Repository Step 2: Set Evaluation Roles • EDCS • Evaluation Roles • Add/Delete Evaluation Roles • Select/Add Observer and Evaluator • This process will be streamlined next year 2013-2014.

  16. Select Evaluation Roles

  17. Add/Delete Evaluation Roles

  18. Select/Add Observer and Evaluator

  19. EDCS Results After Selections – KEEP Districts Must Submit to KEEP

  20. KEEP Repository Step 3: Submit Roles to KEEP • When Steps 1 and 2 are complete: • Choose the “Submit to KEEP” button • This is a very important step. If you do not submit to KEEP, the KEEP repository will not be populated when the participants access KEEP.

  21. Individual Registration for KSDE Authenticated Applications

  22. KSDE Authenticated Applications Website ONLY USE for REGISTRATION PROCESS HELP Registration problems or or 785-291-0599Ask for Karen.

  23. Authenticated Applications Drop-down Link @

  24. Authenticated Applications Link @

  25. How to Register for KSDE Web Applications

  26. KSDE User Registration Form Add Business Contact Info Select your User Name and Password - Write Them Down Where You Will Remember Them Select Your Organization and Building Add Info in Case You Forget Your User Name or Password

  27. Email from KSDE Authentication Application • Your registration will be submitted your the District Superintendent for approval. • You will receive an email that states you are now registered. • Then you can use your username and password to access KEEP.

  28. ACCESSING KEEP in Authenticated Applications at • After you have received your KSDE User Name and Password APPROVAL email, you will be able to access the KSDE applications through one entry point, the Authenticated Applications Website Login.

  29. KEEP Repository Educator Sign-up Accessing KEEP • KSDE Authenticated Applications • Register or Manage My Account • Choose KEEP – Educator Update • Both Educator ID and SSN# will be required for verification as final step • – no dashes in SSN

  30. Using Your New Log-In to Access KEEP Type in your new User Name and Password Then click the Login Button

  31. Managing Your Account to Add KEEP Once you are registered, you will see EDCS as a program that you have information in – Now click on Manage My Account to add KEEP.

  32. Check KEEP and use the pull-down menu to select Educator Update

  33. Educator Requirements for KEEP Repository Registration Look up your State Teacher ID # at the State License Look-up at

  34. When KEEP Repository Registration is Complete You Will See KEEP listed in Your Web Applications Links

  35. Accessing KEEP • You may use the same login and password • You do not need to request new access • KEEP is open – however, if you try to access KEEP before your district has completed their work in EDCS (assignments, evaluation roles, submitted to KEEP) you will not be able • see your data • Educators must log into KEEP at least one time • in order for all data to populate KEEP

  36. KSDE Web Applications HELP Button

  37. KSDE Web Applications HELP Videos

  38. KEEP Repository / Archive • List of Items in the Repository – Also See KEEP Manual • Assessment Rubrics • Goals • Artifacts • Informal Observations • Conferences • Individual Growth Plan • Summary Rating These titles are the menu items across the top of the KEEP Repository webpages.

  39. KEEP Repository / Archive HELP List of Help Areas/Process • KEEP Webpage • KEEP Manual • Ongoing Webinars – see KEEP webpage for schedule • Coming Soon – KEEP Technical Help Notes Technical problems or questions contacts: Bill Bagshaw, Assistant Director Teacher Licensure & Accreditation 785.296.2198 KayeriAkweks, Education Program Consultant Teacher Education and Licensure 785.296.5140

  40. KEEP Repository Homepage On the left side menu, Evaluation is where the teacher clicks to start the process and access the KEEP Rubrics.

  41. KEEP Repository Assessment Rubrics The teacher begins to fill out the rubric here.