situational influences on consumer behavior n.
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Situational influences on consumer behavior PowerPoint Presentation
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Situational influences on consumer behavior

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Situational influences on consumer behavior - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Situational influences on consumer behavior
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  1. Situational influences on consumer behavior

  2. Shopping is an activity that many individuals participate in. But what motivates people to buy?

  3. Retailers such as Spend millions of dollars annually to get consumers to shop There are about 800 Victoria's Secret stores nationwideVictoria’s advertising budget approximately $55 million

  4. But hold up Victoria You do know that not every shopper comes into your store to make a purchase? Sometimes they’re just looking or their motivation to shop cannot be controlled by you or the customer.

  5. We call that motivating factor (the one that cannot be controlled by you):Situational influences which can affect the customer’s purchasing decisions

  6. Situational Influences are factors specific to a time and place that a customer reacts to.

  7. These factors include:if the consumer is in a hurry or relaxed, shopping alone orwith friends or with their kids, if the store is crowded or empty.

  8. The three major situational influences are Time, Place and Conditions.

  9. I may not have time to consider your brands because the store is crowded.

  10. Time could also be: • Time of day • Time of week • Time of year • Season

  11. Place—the décor, furniture, colors and clothing of the employees will affect the motivation of the consumerfor example: All that

  12. Conditions—Women tend to purchase more when they shop with friends…..

  13. Climate has a lot to do with why we purchase what we purchase. If it is cold outside you would be more likely to purchase Victoria Secret’s HOT

  14. Speaking of PINK……Did you know that Colors are used to affect customers and in most cases they won’t even know it!

  15. PINK is the universal color of LOVE (Bravo Victoria, but then you knew that)

  16. What better way to play on the emotions.. With PINK

  17. Promotional deals, such as cents‑off sales or 2‑for‑the‑price‑of‑1also influence a customer’s purchase

  18. And then there’s the Crowds—that’s always going to lead to negative shopping experiences. The more crowded a store is the more likely customers are going to feel confined and unhappy and will find a way to spend less time in the store and may make uninformed shopping decisions.

  19. Victoria Secret knows about crowded stores. Just throw in a supermodel and a free pair of panties, that will do it every time.

  20. Presented by: • Orin Bartlett • Tracy Campbell • Trudy Chavis • Lucas Smith

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