ann tompert a tale told with tangrams l.
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Grandfather Tang’s Story

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Ann Tompert A Tale Told with Tangrams. Grandfather Tang’s Story. Tangrams are ancient Chinese puzzles that are still used today by adults as well as children.

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ann tompert a tale told with tangrams
Ann Tompert

A Tale Told with Tangrams

Grandfather Tang’s Story

what are tangrams

Tangrams are ancient Chinese puzzles that are still used today by adults as well as children.

A tangram begins with a square, which is then cut into seven standard pieces. Each piece is called a tan. In creating a picture, all seven tans must be used; they must touch, but none may overlap.

When tangrams are used in storytelling, the storyteller arranges the tans to show the shape of a character in the tale. As new characters or story elements are introduced, the puzzle pieces are rearranged to represent the new character or new element.

Tompert, A (1990). Grandfather Tang's Story. New York, NY: Crown Publishers.

What Are Tangrams?
traditional tangram puzzle
Traditional Tangram Puzzle
  • What shapes do you see?
curriculum correlation
Curriculum Correlation
  • Primary Subject: Math
  • Secondary Subjects: Language Arts & Art
  • Math:
  • Grade 3 – Shape & Space (3D objects & 2D shapes)
  • GLO:
  • Describe the characteristics of 3D objects and 2D shapes, and analyze the relationships among them.
  • SLO:
  • Sort regular and irregular polygons, including:
    • Triangles
    • Quadrilaterals
    • Pentagons
    • Hexagons
    • Octagons
    • according to the number of sides.
grandfather tang s story15
Grandfather Tang’s Story

Grandfather Tang & Little Soo

other tangrams you can make
Other Tangrams You Can Make

If you were a fairy fox which would you be?