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Who is the protagonist in this story? PowerPoint Presentation
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Who is the protagonist in this story?

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Who is the protagonist in this story?
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Who is the protagonist in this story?

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  1. Are you ready to take the end of book test for Someone is Hiding on Alcatraz Island?Get out a piece of paper and start taking notes!This will be your study guide!

  2. Who is the protagonist in this story? Answer: Danny

  3. Describe the setting of this story Answer: San Fransisco, California on Alcatraz Island, present day

  4. Name the 4 members of the Outlaws Answer: Cowboy, Priest, Maxie, & Jelly Bean

  5. Describe the main conflict in this story. Then describe what type of conflict this is. Answer: Danny angered the Outlaws when he stopped an old woman from being mugged by Priest’s little brother. Type: Character vs. Character

  6. List another major character from this story that we have not mentioned yet….. Answer: Biddy

  7. True or False: There is no antagonist in this story. Answer: False! The Outlaws are the antagonists.

  8. From what point of view is this story told? Answer: First Person

  9. Identify the genre of this book. Answer: Fiction (realistic fiction)

  10. Describe one theme from this book. Answer: ?

  11. How did Danny end up on the ferry to Alcatraz? Answer: He was running away from the Outlaws who were chasing him. Danny had been playing video games when he was spotted by the Outlaws.

  12. Who did Danny meet on the ferry to Alcatraz and why was this person heading over there? Answer: Biddy; to surprise Maybelline for her 50th birthday!

  13. Who is the leader of the Outlaws? Answer: Cowboy

  14. What do we know about Danny’s father?Why was he mentioned during the early chapters of the novel? Answer: Danny’s father is dead. He was killed by terrorists in South America while he was being held hostage. Danny thought about him when he fist arrived on Alcatraz Island because he wondered what his father’s life had been like when he was held hostage.

  15. Describe one bad thing the Outlaws have done to another kid besides Danny Answer: Example: Slit the throat of some pigeons that were kept as pets by another kid Example: Put an ice pick through the foot of another Example: Made one kid swallow a quarter Example: Locked one kid in a locker

  16. How did Jelly Bean get hurt? Answer: He fell off the water tower, broke his leg, and was knocked unconscious.

  17. How did Biddy try to fool the Outlaws? Answer: By dancing with them.

  18. How did Danny escape? Answer: He was able to dig through the cell wall and push his way outside.

  19. What was the lie that Danny told Cowboy about Jelly Bean? Answer: He told Cowboy that Jelly Bean had fallen through the stairs at one of the old houses.

  20. What did Danny do to Priest? Answer: He knocked him down with a lead pipe, then tied him up, and gagged him.

  21. What happened to Maxie and Cowboy? Answer: Maxie got hit in the shoulder by Danny with the lead pipe, then dragged into a cell. Cowboy got locked in a cell by Danny.