the administration building and construction trades building n.
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The Administration Building and Construction/Trades Building PowerPoint Presentation
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The Administration Building and Construction/Trades Building

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The Administration Building and Construction/Trades Building

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The Administration Building and Construction/Trades Building

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  1. The Administration Building and Construction/Trades Building Zak Basta, Reannen Brewer, Ariza Delgado, and Anthony Ferguson

  2. The Administration Building • The Administration Building offers many great resources to students including; • Low priced haircuts, manicures, and waxing • Student Writing Center • Is a great place where you can, learn to become a better writer with free tutoring.

  3. Haircuts

  4. Waxing, Manicures

  5. Ariza Delgado on Cosmetology. • At Salt Lake Community college Barbering and Cosmetology are available in the Administration building. Whether you want a hair cur or you want to learn how to be a hair stylist, SLCC will provide you with the essentials you need. • SLCC students chose SLCC for Barbering services because they offer the best prices. A men's hair cut is no more than two dollars and a woman's no more than three. • Although students are “Developing their skills” as barbers and cosmetologists. SLCC teaches them the best techniques and makes sure that the students don’t start cutting always until they are absolutely ready. This program provides students with a true to life salon. It provides students with may job opportunities as in hair stylist, esthetician, nail technician, manufactures representative, and educator.

  6. Student Writing Center

  7. Online Tutoring

  8. Zak Basta on Student Writing Center • The student writing center is a great resource for students enrolled at SLCC. You can bring writing from any class and receive help on formatting, editing, adding material, etc. from the friendly tutors there. You can be at any stage of the writing process -- whether you are brainstorming ideas, you're on your first draft, second draft, or anywhere in between. Now, it's not simply a place to go and hand your paper over for fixing. The tutors there will work with a student on anything they feel they need assistance with, but they won't just do the work for you. The idea is to help students to become better, more educated writers -- developing skills necessary for advancement in school and life. It's a good idea to be prepared with an analysis or some basic knowledge of your own writing abilities so that the tutors can better understand what skills you need help developing. •         Generally, the writing center is for students who need help writing full papers, but they are also willing to help with basically anything that involves writing, e.g. short answers to questions, small paragraphs, et cetera. The tutors in the center can be current or former students, or even faculty members of the English department, so they have a pretty good understanding of the situation a given student can be in. It is a good idea to make an appointment, as well. You can call them and set up an appointment over the phone, or even just show up if you're in the area and sign their list for an appointment as soon as they can get to you. Not only is the Student Writing Center a great place to get in person writing assistance, but they also have online options that include live chat, facebook information, and video tutorials. In addition to that and the main center at the Redwood Rd. campus, there are centers at the South City, Jordan, and Miller campuses.

  9. Testing Center • In the basement of this building you can take tests • Accuplacer • Is a test designed to place you in the appropriate math, reading, and writing classes depending on your current knowledge level. • CLEP (College Level Examination Program) • Is a test that you receive college credit for things you already know about.

  10. Student Testing

  11. Anthony Ferguson on Student Testing and Accuplacer Test • Chances are that if you go to SLCC, you’ve heard of the Accuplacer Test. This test helps you out by providing useful info on your skills in academics such as math, science, reading, etc. You don’t pass or fail this test but it’s very important that you do your best on it so they can determine what classes you’ll take.The questions on the test are all based on answers to previous questions and thankfully it’s not timed so you can take your sweet time.

  12. CLEP

  13. Reannen Brewer On CLEP examination • Have you ever been in a lass where your like “I know this I don’t need this class”. We all have, this is what the CLEP exam is for. It is a test that you can take to test out of a class for credits. You earn credit for the stuff that you already know. CLEP stands for (College-Level-Examination-Program). • There are 33 different tests that you can take, ranging from a number of different classes. But only 4 are accepted by SLCC they are College Composition, Natural Sciences, Humanities, and Social Science/ History. • Each test is about and hour and a half, there are 80 points possible for each test and you must get a 50. The exam costs 25.00 to SLCC and 77.00 is paid directly to CLEP. You can get up to 6 college credits for one test.

  14. Internet Resources • We were introduced to many internet resources by a man named Nelson T. Emeric, who works at SLCC’s library. • He introduced us to SLCC online library website called Elie. • He went through how to log into Elie when you are not at school using your student number on your one card. • He also showed us two great databases that we can use when writing a research paper.

  15. Internet Resources • Elie is an online library and research database provided by SLCC. • Elie Website: • You can look up books that are currently in the SLCC Library, and even put books that you want on hold • It has many different databases that you can use for researching documents. An example of these many databases are; • SIRS Researcher: • Opposing Viewpoints:

  16. Le End