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WATER TOWER RESCUE. September 21 st 6-10pm 22 nd 8-5pm 23 rd 8-5pm.

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September 21st 6-10pm 22nd 8-5pm 23rd 8-5pm

North Carolina is dotted with small towns and larger cities. The Rescue Teams that protect these areas all have similar hazards to prepare for. Every jurisdiction in North Carolina has it’s share of WATER TOWERS. Often seen as the identity of an area, these water towers offer many complex dangers and hazards for Rescue Teams to overcome. The most obvious danger is the extreme height. Less obvious is the lack of available anchors and control points. Lastly and probably most important is the confined space aspect of an elevated tank. Most of us have planned and table topped Water Tower rescues, but live training has been difficult to accomplish. Some localities shy away from the associated risk, while others play the “It Can’t Happen Here” card.

It CAN and it WILL happen in localities around North Carolina. Water Towers are becoming more and more common in our landscape. It is our job to prepare for rescues that can happen on and in these structures.

  • We have developed a new and exciting rescue training opportunity. We have acquired for training purposes , a 130’ fully functioning water tower that is currently out of service for repairs. This phenomenal training event will allow students to plan and execute scenario based training evolutions ON and IN an actual water tower. We have planned 20 hours of life-like training based on actual rescues from around the country. Some of the scenarios planned are:
  • Suspended worker pickoffs
  • Pickoff of a clinging person
  • Horizontal lower with a skate block
  • Raises and transfers

Each Student will need to bring:

Class 3 harness, helmet, gloves, adequate outer garments, hearing protection, boots, eye protection, 5 NFPA carabiners, decent control device, 2 - 8mm prussiks or ascender, 25’ body cord,

SCBA (optional)

Classroom portions of the class will be held on campus at College of the Albemarle in Elizabeth City NC. Practical evolutions will be on the city’s iconic tower in historic downtown. Max. 25 students.

Fees for the class are $25.00 plus $55.00 if not fee exempt

Make Checks payable to :

College of the Albemarle

Instructors for the class are:

Joe Burris – Eastern Pines FD, Apex FD, OSFM retired

Eric Stroud – High Point Fire, Winston Salem Rescue

Mike “TINK” Tinkham – IP- HEAT Team, Gates FD, GCRS

Billy Winn - Chief, Gates County Rescue & EMS

  • Confined space entry and rescue
  • Aerial Fire apparatus
  • Rescuing the rescuer

This is a labor intensive class that will require requisite knowledge and highly established skill levels in high angle rescue techniques. 130’ is a long way up or down, so ACROPHOBICS need not apply. This is not the place to begin your high angle experience.

Due to available space please limit your registrations to 4 per department. For questions or to obtain further information call:

Mike “Tink” Tinkham 252-287-9058