the robot surgeon da vinci n.
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The robot-surgeon da Vinci PowerPoint Presentation
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The robot-surgeon da Vinci

The robot-surgeon da Vinci

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The robot-surgeon da Vinci

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  1. The robot-surgeon da Vinci

  2. The device Da Vinci robot is a new generation, which enables to perform the surgery through small incisions using a miniature arms and 3D high resolution cameras, which give the surgeon a full picture of the place of operation. This is the only commercially available technology that gives the surgeon accuracy, agility and control of traditional abdominal surgery, while the operation is performed through one-or two-inch cut

  3. The Da Vinci robot is ergonomic console surgeon hour with four robotic manipulators, high performance review system InSite® and proprietary EndoWrist instruments®. Technology conducts scale movements of the surgeon and converts them into movement of the instruments. Sitting at the console, the surgeon sees the operational field, and capturing and moving arm manipulators, he performs the necessary actions.

  4. The system seamlessly translates the surgeon's movements in motion devices in real time. The robot has four manipulator: two work with tools, and meet the right and left hand surgeon, third manipulator manages endoscope, the fourth manipulator performs additional tasks. The main movements are performed with the help of handles and pedals.

  5. When using robot-surgeon Da Vinci during the operation, the patient receives the full course of treatment, but has much less pain. Time is considerably reduced hospitalization of the patient and his return to daily activities happening in the shortest possible time.Today operations Da Vinci applied in the field of cardiovascular surgery, gynecology, thoracic surgery, urological surgery. Both doctors and patients understand those unprecedented capabilities, which allows the use of a surgical robot Da Vinci.