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The Da Vinci Code

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The Da Vinci Code. The book sold over six million copies Translated into many other languages A major motion picture Mt.22:…29 A leading character in the book: “Almost everything our fathers taught us about Christ is false”. I Preliminary Observations.

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the da vinci code
The Da Vinci Code
  • The book sold over six million copies
    • Translated into many other languages
  • A major motion picture
    • Mt.22:…29
  • A leading character in the book: “Almost everything our fathers taught us about Christ is false”
i preliminary observations
IPreliminary Observations

1. A best-seller must be true!?

– Bart Ehrman: “I liked ‘The Da Vinci Code’ as a work of fiction. But the thing that troubled me is that the fiction is allegedly based on historical fact. Dan Brown begins the book by laying out what he calls historical facts, and he includes the statement that all descriptions of art, architecture, sacred rituals, and documents are factual...most of the descriptions of ancient documents, in fact, are not factual—they’re part of his fiction. But people reading the book aren't equipped to separate the fact from the fiction”

dan brown s cover
Dan Brown’s “Cover”
  • He argues as though he has written history
  • When challenged, he can say, “It’s just a story.”
    • He can’t have it both ways
2 many want the bible to be proven false
2. Many want the Bible to be proven false
  • No accountability to God for their sins. Jn.12:48
  • No rules!!
    • Immorality, abortion, homo-sexuality, etc. are allowed
  • They have itching ears(2 Tim.4:3; Ac.17:21)
ii some errors in the davinci code
IISome Errors In The DaVinci Code

1. Before Constantine, Christians understood Jesus to be human but not divine

  • Arius: Jesus was the first being created by God, and that there was a time when he didn't exist. The Council of Nicea discussed the issue and stated that Jesus was co-eternal, and shares the same essence as the Father
  • Teabing: the vote that Jesus was the Son of God was “a relatively close vote at that”
    • It was 316 – 2!
2 constantine and the council of nicea decided books of nt
2. Constantine and the Council of Nicea Decided books of NT
  • Neither had anything to do w. it
    • Constantine called the Council
    • Participants presented arguments for and against Arianism from the NT itself
  • Ironically, the books that are excluded from the NT canon call Jesus divine!
    • Dan Brown missed it on all counts
3 since jewish men were always married jesus was married too
3. Since Jewish men were always married, Jesus was married too
  • “the marriage of Jesus and Mary Magdalene is part of the historical record”(p. 245)
  • Not all Jewish men were married
    • Dead Sea Scrolls
    • Mt.19:10-12
    • Paul, 1 Co.9:5
      • If Jesus were married, Paul would have cited Him as proof
gospel of philip did jesus marry mary magdalene
Gospel of Philip: Did Jesus Marry Mary Magdalene?
  • Teabing: In Gospel of Philip, Jesus is married to Mary M.; it describes her as his companion (Aramaic word for “companion” means spouse)
  • The problem:
    • G of P was written in Coptic, not Aramaic
    • The word means “companion,” notspouse!
    • Even if Gospel of Philip had said Jesus married Mary, it is a 3rd century work
mary magdalene cont d
Mary Magdalene, cont’d.
  • Brown claims that the person to the right of Jesus in Da Vinci’s Last Supper is Mary Magdalene, not John
    • Contradicts Da Vinci himself
  • Jn.19:25-26
    • Would Jesus make provision for his mother, but not for his “wife”??
4 gospel of mary jesus entrusted the church to mary magadalene
4. Gospel of Mary: Jesus entrusted the church to Mary Magadalene
  • Gospel of Mary doesn't say it
  • It records Mary’s vision of Jesus after His resurrection in which He gives her a revelation
  • The disciples debate whether Jesus would actually reveal something this important to a woman
5 gnostic gospels are earlier and more accurate than those in nt
5. Gnostic gospels are earlier and more accurate than those in NT
  • Many date several years after the apostles had died
  • “The fallacy is thinking that these gospels give a more historically accurate view of Jesus than the New Testament gospels. I'm saying this not out of any religious conviction, but strictly on historical grounds—that statement is not true”—Bart Ehrman
iii the new testament
IIIThe New Testament

1. Early disciples confessed the divine nature of Jesus long before Council of Nicea (A.D.325)

  • Mt.11:27, His view of Himself
  • Mt.16:13-17, Disciples’ view of Him
    • Jn.11:27
  • Jn.20:28
    • Not decided by Nicea, A.D.325
2 early disciples recognized the divine nature of nt documents
2. Early disciples recognized the divine nature of NT documents
  • 1 Th.2:13
  • Rv.1:9
    • Would John and others suffer persecution and die for a lie?
3 mary magdalene cannot defend herself against malicious charges
3. Mary Magdalene cannot defend herself against malicious charges
  • Named 13 times in NT
  • Lk.8:2
    • This would have been a good place to say “He married her”
  • Mk.15:40, 47
  • Mk.16:1, 9
    • Jn.20:1, 11, 16-18
4 gnostic gospels the left foot of fellowship
4. Gnostic gospels – the “left foot of fellowship”
  • Col.4:16; 2 Peter 3:16; 1 Tim.5:18
  • 27 books of NT were completed before the end of the first century
    • Most of the Gnostic “gospels” were written much later
    • They could not exist alongside the true gospel that refuted them
    • Read them and compare!
the canon what really happened
The canon – what really happened?
  • “...contrary to recent popularizations, texts like those from Nag Hammadi never made it as far as the gray areas of debate over the canon; they were always far beyond the pale . . . the Great Church had substantially decided its canon of approved gospels no later than the early third century. Neither Constantine nor Athanasius had anything to do with these decisions”– Philip Jenkins, Hidden Gospels, p. 87
40 million in 2005
$40 million in 2005
  • The greatest story ever sold
  • There will be copycats. 2 Tim.3:13
  • Brown’s handling of historical documents and history shows…“he is not merely out of his depth, he is also a purveyor of errors of both fact and interpretation, including some mistakes that even the most amateur student of history should never make” – Ben Witherington III