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English III

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English III. Unit 4 Day 11- Character sketch, chapter 5.

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english iii

English III

Unit 4 Day 11- Character sketch, chapter 5


Leader: Good afternoon, Pumas.  Please compose yourselves for prayer by taking a comfortable position in your chairs.  Leader: Ad Majorem  . . . All: Dei Gloriam.  Leader: We study, work and play . . . All: for the greater glory of God. 2-minute reflection Leader: We close by saying, “Glory to the Father, and to Jesus the Son, and to the Holy Spirit . . . All: as it was in the beginning, is now, and will be forever. Amen! ”

do now

Have Gatsby chapter 4 part 2 questions out.

Determine whether each sentence is correct or not. If incorrect, fix so that it is correct.

  • No one, not even the girls, want to go to the party.
    • No one, not even the girls, wantsto go to the party.
  • Few of us has the energy to get up and go.
    • Few of us havethe energy to get up and go.
  • Each of us decide to go home and study instead.
    • Each of us decidesto go home and study instead.
  • When the students told Ms. Stitt and the teachers about the decision, the teachers was very happy. .
    • When the students told Ms. Stitt and the teachers about the decision, the teachers were very happy. .
tip of the week
Tip of the week:
  • That one (women, woman) was so smart that everyone else was intimidated by her.
  • Novel titles should be __________ and ____________
  • Tip #9: than = comparison; then = time
    • John was smarter THAN Jane.
    • Why did she get more THAN me?
    • THEN, we went to McDonalds to get Shamrock Shakes.
    • I went to McDonalds THEN to the mall.
announcements reminders
  • Outside reading is due: Monday, April 14th.
  • If you would like more practice with subject-verb agreement or would like to review Gatsby, come talk to me today during 9th! (Or plan to soon!)
  • Period 6: Yuri,
    • Thurs: Cynthia G-R., next Wed: Arnulfo, Thurs: Jesus
  • Period 7: Pablo,
    • Thurs: Edward, next Wed: Edward, Thurs: Jessica
  • Period 8: Diana,
    • Thurs: Cindy, next Wed: Sammie, Thurs: Daniel
  • Use textual evidence to support character motive and personality
    • 7.11.1 Cite strong and thorough textual evidence to support analysis of what the text says explicitly as well as matters that are ambiguous.
character sketches
Character Sketches
  • One pair for each character will present their character sketch.
chapter 5
Chapter 5:
  • Before we begin, remind me and think about…
    • What does Jay Gatsby want of Nick?
    • Why does it have to be at Nick’s house?
    • For those of you who haven’t watched the movie and seen what happens, how do you think Daisy will react?
    • How do you think Gatsby will feel?
quick act summary
Quick Act/Summary:
  • You and a group are going to do a “quick act” of what has happened so far in Gatsby.
    • The purpose is to make your knowledge of what has occurred in the book so far concrete and to clear up any confusion.
  • Requirements:
    • Create a one minute skit of your assigned part of the book.
      • This means you should leave out any unnecessary parts. Only include the parts that are most important.
    • You may speak. You may even use exact lines from the book.
    • You do not need a script unless you think it will be helpful.
  • Group 1: p. 1 to 22 (chapt 1)
  • Group 2: p. 23-38 (chapt 2)
  • Group 3: p. 39-59 (chapt 3)
  • Group 4: p. 60-74 (chapt 4 part 1)
  • Group 5: p. 74-80 (chapt 4. part 2)
  • Group 6: p. 81-wherever we got today in class
  • Finish chapter 5 and do the questions
  • On a scale of 1-5, with 5 being “awesome, I’ve got it” and 1 being “Yikes, I have no idea,” how do you feel about subject-verb agreement (what we do in the do-nows)? EXPLAIN YOUR RESPONSE