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English III

English III . Unit 2 Day 24- Comma quiz, vocab charades, Crucible movie.

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English III

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  1. English III Unit 2 Day 24- Comma quiz, vocab charades, Crucible movie

  2. Leader: Good afternoon, Pumas.  Please compose yourselves for prayer by taking a comfortable position in your chairs.  Leader: Ad Majorem  . . . All: Dei Gloriam.  Leader: We study, work and play . . . All: for the greater glory of God. 2-minute reflection Leader: We close by saying, “Glory to the Father, and to Jesus the Son, and to the Holy Spirit . . . All: as it was in the beginning, is now, and will be forever. Amen! ”

  3. Do-Now *HAVE VOCAB LAYING OUT ON DESK WHILE YOU TAKE THE QUIZ. Begin on the quiz. If you finish early, keep the quiz at your desk and sit silently. I will put up the vocab so you can check it also.

  4. Check Vocab • bemused- to be puzzled or confused • reprehensible- deserving of disapproval; wrong • mollify- to ease someone’s anger • meager- lacking in quantity or quality; not enough • mar- to disfigure; to impair the good or integrity of someone/something • temperament- a person’s nature; personality • pungent- having a sharply strong taste or smell • complacent- showing uncritical satisfaction with oneself; conceited; content (in a negative way) • corroborate- to support (a theory or statement); to confirm • intimate- to imply or hint

  5. Prayer: • Period 6: Cynthia G.R., • Fri: Yuri • Period 7: Jessica G. • Fri: Jason • Period 8: Abel, • Fri: Brandon

  6. Announcements: • Next journals due Monday, December 2nd. • Use SPELL CHECK ON YOUR ESSAYS. Final drafts due Friday, Nov 22nd(TOMORROW!) AT THE BEGINNING OF CLASS. • If you want me to check your rough draft, you must come during 9th period.

  7. SWBAT… Compare and contrast The Crucible movie to the text.

  8. Vocab Charades • bemused • reprehensible • mollify • meager • mar • temperament • pungent • complacent • corroborate • intimate

  9. The Crucible Movie • Follow along using the questions

  10. HW: • Final drafts: Bring these things to staple to it: • *IT NEEDS TO BE A HARD COPY. • Rubric (the original prompt- make a copy of a friend’s if you don’t have it) • Self-Checklist • Rough Draft • Study for vocab quiz

  11. Exit: • Tell Ms. Stitt the three things you need to bring with to staple to your final draft tomorrow.

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