Golden Eagle’s Precambrian Properties at Buen Futuro, Santa Cruz,, Bolivia
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Golden Eagle’s Precambrian Properties at Buen Futuro, Santa Cruz,, Bolivia Forward-Looking Statements and Disclosure of Risk

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Forward-Looking Statements and Disclosure of Risk Santa Cruz,, Bolivia

Certain statements contained in this presentation may contain forward-looking statements in accordance with the Private Securities Reform Act of 1995. These statements, may include, but are not limited to, words such as "may," "expects to," "projects," "estimates," "plans," and other terms denoting future possibilities. The accuracy of these statements cannot be guaranteed as they are subject to a variety of risks that are beyond Golden Eagle's ability to predict or control and which may cause actual results to differ materially from the projections or estimates contained herein. These risks include, but are not limited to, the risks described in this presentation, those risks set out in Golden Eagle's disclosure documents and its annual, quarterly and current reports; and the other risks associated with start-up mineral exploration operations with insufficient liquidity, negative working capital, and no historical profitability. Golden Eagle disclaims any obligation to update any forward-looking statement made herein.

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Santa Cruz Precambrian Property & Buen Futuro Acquisition Santa Cruz,, Bolivia


Precambrian Properties

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Buen Futuro concession sitting in the middle of Golden Eagle’s previous concessions in Bolivia’s Precambrian Shield

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Buen Futuro Miguela Eagle’s previous concessions in Bolivia’s Precambrian Shield

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How the Buen Futuro Acquisition Adds Value to Golden Eagle Eagle’s previous concessions in Bolivia’s Precambrian Shield

An Incredible Opportunity

The Buen Futuro acquisition was a momentary opportunity that Golden Eagle

had to seize or loose. We could not afford to loose it.

Possibility of Reserves Quickly.

The Buen Futuro compliments Golden Eagle’s efforts in the Tipuani Gold Mining District by adding additional credibility to the Company through the possible estimation of important gold and copper reserves at Buen Futuro in the very short term.

Buen Futuro has geological reports, metallurgical reports, drill data, sampling data, geochemical and geophysical studies worth a minimum of $2 million, that would cost us today a minimum of $5 million to recreate:

  • 500 miles of explorations trails

  • IP and HLEM surveys identifying other ore bodies

  • 21,000 samples & assays

  • 8,400 feet of auger drilling

  • 11,000 feet of reverse circulation drilling

  • 27,000 feet of diamond core drilling

  • Eight miles of trenches

  • 5,500 trench samples

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Possibility of Debt Financing and Cash Flow Eagle’s previous concessions in Bolivia’s Precambrian Shield

Reserves are the key to debt-financing a profitable operation in the Ascension Gold/Copper Trend, and slowing the ongoing equity dilution to our shareholders. Cash generated from operations in the Ascension Trend will be used in the further expansion and development of the Company’s deposits in the Tipuani Gold District that are less-well understood by the world.

Unlocks the Entire Ascension Gold/Copper Trend

The Buen Futuro acquisition is the key to unlocking the potential of the entire Ascension Gold/Copper Trend.

  • Possibility of Low Cost Mining & Processing

  • The gold/copper deposits on the Buen Futuro are suitable for highly cost effective open pit mining and inexpensive heap leaching: in other words, cheaper mining.

  • The ore weathering allows the use of the free-dig mining method employing dozer rippers instead of explosives in the oxide level and partially in the supergene level.

  • Decreased Stripping. Where the free-dig mining method is used, steeper pit walls can be employed decreasing any strip ratio substantially, and allowing the mining of a very high percentage of ore.

  • Cheap Ore Processing. The ore does not have to be subjected to an expensive crush/grind circuit and can be broken with inexpensive hammer milling.

  • Ideal Ore Metallurgy

  • Acid consumption ratios for both gold and copper are estimated to be very low, further keeping costs down.

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Reverse Circulation Drilling & Trench Excavations Provided Invaluable Information Regarding the Buen Futuro Claim and the Ascension Gold/Copper Trend

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Diamond & reverse circulation drilling were used to delineate the Buen Futuro ore bodies

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Diamond Drill Core Samples delineate the Buen Futuro ore bodies

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Field work at Buen Futuro delineate the Buen Futuro ore bodies

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Artist Rendering of Buen Futuro Projected Open Pit Mines & Gold & Copper Heap Leaching Operation

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Projected Copper Cathodes from Potential Buen Futuro Plant Gold & Copper Heap Leaching Operation

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Projected Final Product Potential at Buen Futuro Gold & Copper Heap Leaching Operation

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