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Community Competition Complex

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Community Competition Complex
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Community Competition Complex

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  1. Community Competition Complex

  2. Current Game Conditions Center of game field at high school following fall 2006

  3. Current Practice Conditions Baseball outfield at high school following fall 2006

  4. Game & Practice Conditions with Turf • Dramatic improvement in game and practice playing conditions for the sports of field hockey, football, boy’s and girl’s soccer, boy’s and girl’s lacrosse and boy’s and girl’s track. • Improve the playing experience for other groups in the District, including physical education classes, local youth sports programs and other community organizations.

  5. Weather/Scheduling Advantages • Would reduce the amount of cancellations due to inclement weather. • Would allow for safer, more ideal conditions during periods of poor weather. • Increase scheduling flexibility with availability of lights for additional games and practices.

  6. Safety • Current conditions need improvement. Portion of softball field used for field hockey.

  7. Safety Turf • Turf maintains planarity and cushion • No divots or holes • Consistent biomechanics • Studies have shown significant decrease in injuries on turf vs. grass Natural Grass • Sod becomes unsafe early in the fall due to overuse • Grass on much of the field is gone by early October • Extremely hard surface on cold days • Wet/soft/muddy spots on field during rainy days VS

  8. Track & Field Facilities • The track, one of the most used facilities on our campus, is approximately 15-20 years old and is in need of replacement. The track has been resurfaced a few times over the years but now needs to be totally replaced. It is the one facility that can be used by every team and/or individuals in the community.

  9. Track & Field Facilities • The renovation project would result in new, state-of-the-art track surface with a six-lane running track and eight-lane straightaway. • New facilities for long/triple jump, shot put, pole vault and high jump.

  10. Stadium Infrastructure The school district invested over $500,000 in new bleachers, press box, and public address system for the game field. We are severely limited in our use of these new facilities.

  11. Stadium Infrastructure Currently, only seven teams play approximately 27 games per year on this field. With the addition of a turf field, 13 teams could play over 100 games per year in a stadium setting, which includes: • Lights – allows teams to play night games. • Public Address System for starting lineups, national anthem, warm-up music, and special announcements such as senior presentations. • Press Box – allows game staff and working media to view game in enclosed, heated press facility. • Scoreboard – players and fans able to view score, time, period etc. • Seating- Bleacher seating available for spectators, allowing for more comfort and better views of the games.

  12. Improvement of ALL Facilities • Addition of turf field would also improve the conditions of the other fields at the high school, • Currently, the football team holds 90 percent of its practices on the baseball outfield. The field is continually damaged making for unsafe playing conditions during baseball season and for football practices.

  13. Improvement of ALL Facilities • The field hockey team has all practices and games on the softball outfield. The field is continually damaged making for unsafe playing conditions for both the field hockey and softball teams. • Both the lacrosse and soccer teams practice and play games on the upper and lower soccer fields. Wear and tear on these fields is not as significant as baseball/softball, however will increase in time due to recent addition of lacrosse. • Alleviating play on all of the above mentioned fields would allow for recovery time and maintenance, resulting in significant improvements of all facilities.

  14. Multi-Purpose Facility… • Physical Education Classes The high school physical education classes that are held outdoors could utilize the turf field. The field would be used for over 700 hours of class time. • The Community The track would be open to the public when not in use by school teams. Use of the turf field over the summer could be made available to the three towns in the district. Currently the field is not used at all during the summer months.

  15. Lower Maintenance Costs • No watering • No mowing • No fertilizers or pesticides • No re-seeding or core aeration • Lower labor costs

  16. Revenue Potential • The addition a turf field presents several additional opportunities to increase revenue for the district. • Rentals: Estimate approximate annual rental income at $25,000.

  17. Providing facilities to educate our students to their fullest potential. >>>>

  18. The proposed Community Competition Complex project would result in: • A new track facility • New field event venues • A new multi-sport synthetic turf field • A new track meet management system (timing, scoring, and communications) • New amenities (goal posts, fencing, etc.)

  19. Imagine…