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Integrated Art Lessons: A Classroom Resource for Teachers PowerPoint Presentation
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Integrated Art Lessons: A Classroom Resource for Teachers

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Integrated Art Lessons: A Classroom Resource for Teachers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Integrated Art Lessons: A Classroom Resource for Teachers

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  1. Integrated Art Lessons:A Classroom Resource for Teachers Presented by: Cameron Art Museum 3201 South 17th Street Wilmington, North Carolina 28412 In cooperation with: The A+ Schools Program The University of North Carolina at Greensboro P. O. Box 26170 Greensboro, North Carolina 27402-6170 Funded by a grant from the Corning Foundation Author: Martha Burdette

  2. Lesson Four Integrated Concepts • Language Arts: author’s purpose, poetry, descriptive language, parts of speech, reality and fantasy, compare and contrast, • Social Studies: symbols, myth • Mathematics: symmetry, pattern • Visual Art: composition, shape, color, space, folk art

  3. What do you see in this artwork?Look very carefully at all the details. • What things are whole? • What things are only part of something else? • What things are made by combining parts? • How are things arranged? Is the arrangement like real life or is it more like a pattern or a design?

  4. What is the artist saying in this work?What is the main idea? • Is this image fact or fantasy? Support your answer. • Does it tell a story (a narrative)? • Can you tell the setting of this artwork? • Who or what are the characters in this artwork? Are they ordinary people and animals? • Where else would we find these characters?

  5. What do you notice about patterns, shapes, symmetry, repetition and space? • What shapes are repeated? • Is there a line of symmetry? • Is there a background? • What colors do you notice? • Is there a lot of space between the shapes or are they crowded?

  6. What is the artist’s purpose in making this work of art? • Is she giving us information? • Is she entertaining the viewer? • Is she showing us how to do something? • What other purpose might she have?

  7. Take a few minutes and examine this image carefully. Pay attention to the details. What do you notice about: • Composition (the arrangement of the image) • Shapes • Individual images • Space • Realism and fantasy

  8. Now, let’s look at the two artworks together. • What do you notice? • Compare and contrast: • Use of color • Kinds of shapes • Use of space • Composition (the way the image is arranged) • Scale (the relative size of objects)

  9. Is the artist’s purpose the same in both artworks? • What message do you think the artist is sending with these artworks? • Can you predict how the artist feels about nature by looking at the natural images in her pictures? • Are these artworks more like stories or more like poems?

  10. How could you write a poem about these images? • What are some nouns you might use? • What verbs or action words would fit these images? • What adjectives or descriptive words might help you tell about these images? • What are some possible titles? • Could you make your poem into song lyrics?

  11. How do you think these pictures were made? • What materials were used? • Paint, crayon, colored pencils? • Paper, canvas, wood? • How large do they seem? • How long do you think it took the artist to create each one? • Do you imagine the artist finishing them all at once or working over many days? • Would you like to try making an artwork like these?

  12. Information about the art and the artist. Title: Untitled (Face Surrounded by Angels, Birds and White Winged Creature) Artist: Minnie Evans (American, 1892 -1987) Medium: Graphite, wax crayon, and gold oil paint on paper Date: 1966 Comments: Minnie Evans is a self-taught artist who lived in Wilmington, North Carolina. Title: Untitled (Three Faces in Floral Design) Artist: Minnie Evans (American 1892 -1987) Medium: Graphite, wax crayon, oil paint, collage on canvas board Date: 1967 Comments: Minnie Evans created many of her artworks while working as a gatekeeper at Airlie Gardens in Wilmington, North Carolina.