journalism 614 consumer culture and opinion l.
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Journalism 614: Consumer Culture and Opinion PowerPoint Presentation
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Journalism 614: Consumer Culture and Opinion

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Journalism 614: Consumer Culture and Opinion - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Journalism 614: Consumer Culture and Opinion A Consumer Society A nation of shoppers Mass and Micro Marketing Shopping Malls Online Purchasing Bargain Hunting Yet this consumption seemingly produces unease Americans are preoccupied with getting and spending

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a consumer society
A Consumer Society
  • A nation of shoppers
    • Mass and Micro Marketing
    • Shopping Malls
    • Online Purchasing
    • Bargain Hunting
  • Yet this consumption seemingly produces unease
    • Americans are preoccupied with getting and spending
    • Losing touch with deeper values and ways of living
    • Withdrawing from community life
source effects of the shift
Source & Effects of the Shift
  • What has caused this shift to a consumer society?
    • Some say mass media presentations of the “good life”
    • Media driving consumer sentiments and opinions
    • Emergence of ‘competitive consumption”
      • Used to “Keep up with the Joneses”: conspicuous consumption
      • Now we try to emulate the lifestyles of luxury seen on TV
  • Yet American’s find little satisfaction in buying
    • Working longer hours
    • Less happy with life and its direction
    • Heavily in debt to afford purchases
    • Environmental degradation tied to consumption
delivering the goods
Delivering the goods…




per capita (2000$)

(Schor, 2006)

features of status models
Features of Status Models
  • Social positioning produce status consumption
    • We look to those a rung above us to determine acceptable opinions and behaviors, fashions and purchasing
  • Game is played through visible consumption
    • Must be seen to be part of a status game - who is ahead?
  • Trickle down model
    • middle class emulate upper-middle, who emulate the rich, who emulate the ultra-rich
  • Consumption is social, a way to marking ones social belonging and class status - badges of belonging
bourdieu and distinction
Bourdieu and Distinction
  • French sociologist who observed that class status is gained, lost, and reproduced through consumption
    • Our clothing, car, home, and media consumption all display our social position
  • Can gain or lose access to social circle by displaying appropriate taste, manners, culture
    • Consumption helps to maintain basic patterns of power and inequality - this is why it matters!!!
new consumerism
New Consumerism
  • Neighbors are no longer the point of comparison
    • Upscale emulation parallels the decline of neighborhood life
  • Income and wealth concentrated in top 20%
    • Surge of conspicuous consumption at the top
    • Most no longer satisfied with middle-class life
  • Aspiration gaps
    • Desires outpace incomes
    • Credit card debt
      • Averages $7000 per person, with $1000 in interest & penalties
    • Low savings rate
      • 8% in 80s, 4% in 90s, 0% now!!!
the rise of competitive consumption
The Rise of Competitive Consumption
  • Movement of women into the workforce
    • Decline of neighborhood contacts
    • Workplace, with wider range of social classes, becomes point of upward comparison
  • Less time with friends and family, more at work and front of the television
    • Consumption cues from work and television
    • Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous
consumer confidence
Consumer Confidence
  • Consumer confidence is a driver of economy
  • Over consumption is sanctioned, even encouraged,
consumer knows best
Consumer Knows Best?
  • Assume consumers are rational
  • Assumes consumers are well informed
  • Assume consumer preferences are consistent
  • Assume consumer preferences are independent
  • Assume consumption does not reduce public goods
  • But consumers are no more deliberative than citizens
    • Neither purely rational nor deluded, duped, and manipulated
  • In fact, they are one and same - consumer citizens
    • Artificial distinction - consumption can be civic/political
a politics of consumption
A Politics of Consumption
  • Changing opinions driving changes in markets and society
    • Right to a decent standard of living
      • Ex. Fair trade coffee
    • Quality of life rather than quantity of stuff
      • Ex. Downshifting
    • Ecologically sustainable consumption
      • Ex. Global warming & consumption
    • Democratize consumption practices
      • Ex. Starbury - Stephon Marbury
    • The politics of retailing
      • Ex. Walmart vs. mainstreeet
    • Consumer movements
      • Ex. Anti-globalism

Consumer critique

& activist practice