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WELCOME TO BULK BILLING. PRESENTATION. First Screen after Login. Consumer Master. New Consumer Entry. Consumer Master. Contact Details Entry. Consumer Master. View Consumer Profile. Consumer Master. Address Change. Consumer Master. Load Changes. Consumer Master.

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Presentation Transcript


  2. First Screen after Login

  3. Consumer Master New Consumer Entry

  4. Consumer Master Contact Details Entry

  5. Consumer Master View Consumer Profile

  6. Consumer Master Address Change

  7. Consumer Master Load Changes

  8. Consumer Master Category Changes

  9. Consumer Master Status Changes

  10. Consumer Master Edit of Master Changes

  11. Consumer Master Changes in Flag

  12. Consumer Master DEBS and BS Details

  13. Consumer History Master Changes History

  14. Consumer History Payment History

  15. Consumer History Statement of Account

  16. Consumer History Consumption History

  17. Consumer History Reading History

  18. Consumer History Meter Book

  19. Consumer History MDI Graph

  20. Consumer History View Bill Details

  21. Consumer History DEBS Reports

  22. Consumer History Notepad

  23. Consumer History Documents

  24. Meter Master Meter Entry

  25. Meter Master Meter Details Updation

  26. Meter Master Meter Replacement / Stop Entry

  27. Meter Master Meter Remark History

  28. Meter Reading Current Reading Entry

  29. Meter Reading Edit Current Readings

  30. Meter Reading Edit Previous Readings

  31. Meter Reading AMR Data Capture

  32. Meter Reading Meter Reading Edit List

  33. Billing Bill Generation Individual Billing

  34. Billing Bill Generation Batch Billing

  35. Billing Bill Generation Final Billing

  36. Billing Bill Generation Selected Bill

  37. Billing Bill Generation Due Date Extension

  38. Billing Print Bills Normal Bills

  39. Billing Print Bills Purged Bills

  40. Billing Print Bills Disconnected Bills

  41. Billing Message Entry

  42. Billing Tariff Revision

  43. Billing Journal Entry JE Entry

  44. Billing Journal Entry JE Tally Statement

  45. Billing Other Charges Entry CDN Edit List

  46. Billing Other Charges Entry Other Charges

  47. Billing Disconnection Order Order Generation

  48. Billing Disconnection Order Follow up

  49. Billing Process Energy Tax

  50. Billing Reports Reading Pending

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