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Nation Wide Recycling PowerPoint Presentation
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Nation Wide Recycling

Nation Wide Recycling

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Nation Wide Recycling

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  1. Nation Wide Recycling By Robin P, Karissa K, Noah L, Tyson G

  2. Monday April11 ,2011

  3. Dear Mr.Peter Kent……… Hello Mr. Kent we are four grade 5/6 students concerned about Canada's recycling habits. We recently did a recycling project and learned about all the province and territories s current recycling problems and pluses. We are worried about how some provinces aren't recycling very much and some are not recycling at all, like Nunavut. We know Nunavut doesn’t have the money to keep recycling. If you continue reading our Power Point we will tell you how we aim to fix the problems.

  4. What this projects about • This project is part 2 . Part 1 was teaming up with a partner and researching 2 provinces /territories. Now we are in a bigger group and thinking of ways to make Canada even better place by recycling. Our group decided to narrow down the provinces and territories and come up with ideas to help there recycling problems disappear.

  5. / Our group took to a job and worked at that until we finished here is a list of who did what Robin- typer Karissa- researcher/typer/computer tech Noah- researcher Tyson- researcher

  6. This will Happen if we don’t act. Nunavut's water if they don’t recycle We have a solution….. After some hard thinking we came up with some ideas to help raise money for Nunavut's recycling problem,

  7. Our Big Idea • OUR BIG IDEA IS…………! • Our big idea is a dance off. We would have in a gym or such and we would have people to pledge a minimum of 50 cents per dance. It would be fun while it is helping make a difference.

  8. Thank you • We really appreciate you taking the time to read about how we feel about recycling . Please feel free to help yourself to our Big idea • Thank you Mr. Kent we hope you enjoyed it by Robin ,Karissa, Noah and, Tyson

  9. THANK YOU • From the producers of this power point! • Typers • Robin and Karissa • Researchers • Tyson Noah AND Karissa • Computer Tech • Karissa