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  1. Recycling An Easy Way to Promote a Healthy Planet Anita SenGupta May 15, 2007 Deerfield Township Board of Trustees

  2. Presentation Outline • Recycling is an easy, proactive way to help protect the environment and sustainability • This presentation will focus on the following: • Background information • Social Tangent: how recycling is viewed in society • Economic Tangent: cost/business benefits • Scientific Tangent: biodegradable plastics • Outreach Component: Government Initiative in Recycling

  3. Recycling: How It Is Done • Newspaper, mixed paper, brown bags, magazines, numbers 1 and 2 plastics, aluminum, steel, and glass are recycled by consumer • The recyclables are taken to a Materials Recovery Facility to be sorted and compressed into large cubes • Materials are sold and shipped to companies to be reprocessed

  4. A Quick History • 1896: First recycling plant was created in New York City • 1940s: WWII helps develop a reuse mindset in Americans; paper, rubber, metal are reused • 1954: Olympia, WA starts the “pay-per-can” program • 1976: The Resource and Recovery Act is passed to promote waste management, recycling, and conservation • 1994: EPA creates Jobs Through Recycling for economic development and recycling through grants, networking, and information sharing • 2000:EPA establishes that recycling and reduction help curb and halt global climate change

  5. Social Outlook • Nationally, recycling is on a steady rise, but still has room to grow • Environmental movement in the 1960s and 1970s gave recycling a boost • As seen in previous slide, governments support recycling, particularly the EPA • EPA has annual goal of 35% of possible recyclable materials being recycled

  6. Recycling By the Numbers… At school, I conducted a survey of the junior class regarding recycling. Important results included: - 98% said recycling was important - 17% percent said they did NOT recycle at home, citing difficulties such as… …confusion about recycling schedules …recycling is not readily available …recycling is a hassle - 42% had a rough idea about what was supposed to be recycled - 74% only recycled when facilities were available

  7. Recycling By the Numbers… At school, I conducted a survey of the junior class regarding recycling Important results included: - 90% said the government should take more initiative in recycling, citing reasons such as: …that the management of resources is a basic cause society should focus on …concerns about landfill space …the need for education and awareness about recycling …the government’s role in society

  8. Recycling By the Numbers… 86% of Americans have access to curbside recycling 65% of Americans recycle plastic bottles 53% of Americans recycle white paper

  9. The Economics of Recycling • Because of a social push towards environmentalism, companies now find it profitable to promote recycling and other ‘green’ habits • Starbucks Coffee uses part recycled products in its cups and sleeves. It also sells refillable mugs to reduce paper consumption. • Many office supply stores, for example, Staples, sell recycled paper • DuPont is a leader in social and environmental responsibility • By supporting environmental responsibility, these companies develop trust with consumers and promote responsible habits

  10. How Local GovernmentsCan Take this Into Account • A local government has much influence on a community • Unifying • Sets tone of the community • …therefore, the government can promote social and environmental responsibility within the community by • Commending those who are environmentally aware and active • Publicly demonstrating environmental responsibility

  11. What Deerfield Township Can Do • Make recycling accessible • Set up recycling facilities right next to every trash can and clearly list what should and should not be recycled • Send out public awareness flyers • Encourage people to recycle in their own homes and clarify what can be recycled

  12. Prospective Sign on Recycling Bin KEEP DEERFIELD TOWNSHIP CLEAN AND GREEN Please Recycle… - Paper - Glass and Plastic Bottles - Aluminum Cans Do your part!

  13. Prospective Mailed Flyer (Text) KEEP DEERFIELD TOWNSHIP CLEAN AND GREEN Recycle in your home! - Please recycle: Newspaper, mixed paper, brown bags, magazines, numbers 1 and 2 plastics, aluminum, steel, and glass are recycled by consumer [show pictures] - Community Mission Statement (i.e. Here in Deerfield Township, we are committed to using and reusing are resources wisely. We encourage members of the community to do their part by recycling. Recycling is an easy way to help the earth!) Contact Rumpke for a Recycling Bin!