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Recycling. recycling ?.

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  1. Recycling

  2. recycling? • Recycling is the term for waste management, which leads to itfurther use. It is a cyclical re-use of waste and its properties as a secondary raw material in the production process. In the recycling process therefore involves repeated (cyclic) those materials back into the production cycle, from there the name of the process.

  3. Practise: • . In this process it is always recycled material deliberately transformed in the manufacture of otherwise unusable waste for further (secondary) feed, which is useful for further production. Recycling allows you to save both renewable and non-renewable resources and often can reduce the burden on the environment.

  4. Division: • metals (see recycling metals) • iron • aluminum • copper • paper (seepaper recycling) • textiles (see recycling textiles) • plastics (seeplastic recycling) • glass (seeglass recycling) • Bio-waste (see recycling ofbiowaste) • constructionwaste • solvents • oils • retiredlightsources (lampslinealandcompact LED lightsources)

  5. classification: • Waste to be recycled must be categorized by type of material. This can often greatly increase the costs. Most preferably, the waste class directly home or business, while saving differentiated into containers. In the Czech Republic are classified mainly metals, paper (blue container), glass (white container on white glass, green in color) and plastics (yellow container). Metals (iron, aluminum or copper) to buy up a network of companies specializing in metal processing. The last time was also put into operation back system for electrical and electronic equipment (televisions, refrigerators, mobile phones, etc.) that specialized company apart and recycle many of their components (plastics, metals, etc.). The streets also appear orange containers used to collect beverage cartons.

  6. Recycling of waste in the Czech Republic? • The rate of waste recycling in the Czech Republic every year slowly increasing. Still, compared to many EU countries still lower. According to the CENIA, based on data from the company EKO-KOM responsible for separation packages in the country, but said the level of PET bottles for recycling cast in the Czech Republic reached the peak of European countries. Overall, in the Czech Republic for recycling about half of the packages ,while in some states it three quarters. For elektroodpad Group 5 - used lamps and light sources, the household recycling drop off for about one third of old lamps. [3] Approximately half of Czech households own at least one energy saving lamp.

  7. Produced: Honza Vrňata Dominik Řezáč

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