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By Jack Cogbill. Afghanistan. Political. Structure: Islamic Republic Wars: War in Afghanistan(2001-present) Civil war in Afghanistan(1996-2001) Leader(s): Hamid Karzai

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    1. By Jack Cogbill Afghanistan

    2. Political Structure: Islamic Republic Wars: War in Afghanistan(2001-present) Civil war in Afghanistan(1996-2001) Leader(s): Hamid Karzai Born in December 24, 1957 Karzai was a Taliban resistance leader. He worked to overthrow the Taliban in Afghanistan. When American led forces came and defeated the Taliban Karzai became president. Karzai got his education at Himachal Pradesh University.

    3. Economic Money System: AfghanAfghani Average household income:109,780 AFN monthly Levels Of International Trade: Exports Imports

    4. Economic Trade Partners: Exports:Pakistan 32.2%, India 27%, Tajikistan 8.5%, US 6.2% Imports: Pakistan 24.3%, US 18%, Russia 8.7%, India 5.8%, China 5.6%, Germany 4.4% Work week: The typical work week in Afghanistan will last from Saturday to Thursday. Afghans get Friday off for religious reasons. Government offices and banks run from 9am to 4pm. Some businesses will give early releases on Thursday.

    5. Geographic Afghanistan Map

    6. Geographic Location: Afghanistan is a landlocked country slightly smaller than Texas. Most of Afghanistan is made up of rugged mountains. However, there are plains in the north and southwest. The climate of Afghanistan is very dry and barren. There are cold winters and hot summers.

    7. Geographic Species: • Snow Leopard • Wild goat • Siberian Crane • Caraway • Common Jujube • Anise Seed • Jaya • Pike asp • Asp

    8. Geographic Human Interaction: To better help the afghans when it comes to economics, the afghans go to great measures when it comes to farming. With land modifications they made it possible to farm.

    9. Social Family order: Afghans have many customs. Young afghans must respect elder and relative afghans. The family choses who their children will marry. Gender Role: Women of the family usually do chores and household responsibilities and men keep the family honor.

    10. Social Social Classes: Ismaelis and Shiites are people belonging to the lowest social status. Religion and ethnic group play a role in social status also. Religion: The main religion is Muslim. The others are Christian and Buddhism. Education: Two separate systems of education exist in Afghanistan. They teach the religious precepts of the Koran: reading, writing, and arithmetic. The other system came out in the constitution of 1964. This includes free education at all levels. There is two sets of school: primary, then secondary. There is also universities if you wish to go.

    11. Social Languages: The main language is Dari. The other languages are Pashto and Turkmen