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AFGHANISTAN. the land locked country. Afghanistan. Located in the Middle East Capital: Kabul Largest City: Kabul (3 million people) National Language: Pashto Official Religion: Islam (practiced by 99% of the population). Afghanistan. Life expectancy: 44 Infant Mortality Rate: 155

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    1. AFGHANISTAN the land locked country

    2. Afghanistan • Located in the Middle East • Capital: Kabul • Largest City: Kabul (3 million people) • National Language: Pashto • Official Religion: Islam (practiced by 99% of the population)

    3. Afghanistan • Life expectancy: 44 • Infant Mortality Rate: 155 • Total Fertility Rate: 5.7 • Natural Increase Rate: 2.1% • Net Migration Rate: 6 • Urban Population: 22% • Undernourished Population: 61.3% in 2001 (no other information reported)

    4. Afghan Media The Afghanistan media has always been under pressure by the Afghan government. The Afghan Media refers to the print, broadcast, press, and online media. The media was strictly controlled by the Taliban. The fall of the Taliban in 2001, caused the press restrictions to relax, therefore private media increased rapidly. This press freedom is continually threatened by the ongoing war. Afghan Media has gradually diversified in the late 2000’s and onwards, television returned and many of it’s restrictive laws were repealed. However, some restrictions remain such as defaming individuals and producing materials contrary to the principles of Islam is severely prohibited.

    5. Qabli Pulao: It is the most popular dish in Afghanistan. It is steamed rice with chops of raisins and carrot. It is often served with lamb. Other variants of pulao are also available in Afghanistan. People eat it with meat, vegetables or beans. Mantu: steamed dumplings fattened with mincedonion beef.Kababs: Lamb kabab is a favorite of the Afghans. Lamb chops, ribs, kofta (ground beef) and chicken kababs are served in good Kabul restaurants. Qorma: a very popular dish among Afghan people. Onions are fried and meats, fruits, spices or vegetables are added to them.

    6. Shorma: Soups made of a variety of items are very popular in Afghanistan. These soups are locally known as shorma.Rice Dishes: Afghans put in plenty of time and effort to prepare their rice dishes. Fruits & Nuts: Fresh and dried fruits are inseparable part of Afghan food. Afghanistan produces high quality fruits particularly grapes, apricots, pomegranates, melons, plums and berries. Exceptional varieties of oranges are also grown in Afghanistan. Melons, oranges, grapes and pomegranates are famous. Walnuts, almonds, pistachios and pine nuts are also very popular in the country.Dairy Products: The Afghans like dairy products such as yogurt and whey.Drinks: The most common drink in Afghanistan is tea (chai).

    7. » 01- Beya Tu Beya Tu (super mast) » 01 - Laila Dera Khaista Da » 01 - Sarzameen Man » 02 - Gham Darom Gham » 02 - Dewaloona (pashto) » 03 – Attan » 04 - Ahesta Boro » 04 - Ahesta Boro » 04 - Ahesta Boro » 04 - Ahesta Boro » 10 - Sar Ta Ba Pah » 11 - Kajak Abro » 02 - Dar Nagerom Afghan Pesarak Top Ten Songs in February

    8. Afghans are generally very musical individuals. They enjoy singing and playing many diverse instruments. They tend to enjoy the Atlan, a national dance of Afghanistan. One will usually hear folk songs or ballads. These songs have been in Afghan culture for decades and are known by everyone. However singing and dancing was not always permitted; The Taliban Regime use to strictly prohibit different types of music such as playing instruments, singing and listening to recorded music in Afghanistan whether in public or private. The fall of the Taliban allotted Afghan’s to enjoy music and dancing.

    9. Afghanistan has its own Idol singing show! The Afghan Fashion Show of 2010 at Porchester Hall featured designs by Zolaykha Sherzad in a parade of a mishmash of hues and textures Zang e Khatar (Danger Bell) is a satirical comedy program that discusses a lot of issues and creates controversy Examples of Popular culture in Afghanistan

    10. Sports • Buzkashi is the national sport of Afghanistan • Buzkashi is a form of polo • Hound racing is another popular sport

    11. Music • Religious • Mainly composed of instruments • Singing not considered music • Classic • Includes singing instruments and belly dancing • The rubab is considered the national instrument

    12. Holidays • Joshen~ August 19 • Joshen is Afghanistan's independence day. • Nowrose is Afghanistan’s first day of spring • Nowrose is on March 21st

    13. Customs • Involves Muslim religion • Greeting: Assalaam Alaikum- means peace with you • Greeting answered by saying Waalaikum Assalaam • Man Greeting-hand shake and pat on the back • Women greeting-warm embrace and kissing thrice on alternate cheeks

    14. Art • Gandhara art developed in northeastern Pakistan and eastern Afghanistan. • It lasted between the 1st and 7th century • People in Afghanistan are also known for making world class oriental rugs.

    15. Influence of Physical Environment • Limits a lot of types of sports, culture because it so hot and in high elevations. • Physical Environment influences their religion, Islam • They build elaborate mosques that take up a lot of space and land. • They kill a lot of animals and wildlife to survive

    16. Folk vs. Popular Culture • Afghani’s are experiencing democracy • Post-Taliban rule • Government against reality T.V. • Reality T.V. becoming popular • Afghan Star (like American Idol) • Koran Star (how well one can remember passages from the Quran) • Soap Operas • Young Afghani’s abandon traditional dress to see Afghan star vs.

    17. Project by: Tiffany Bryant Munya Bvumbe Kailey Farmer Rae Francis