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Julius Caesar

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Julius Caesar
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Julius Caesar

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  1. Julius Caesar Culminating Project

  2. For this project you will complete 2 separate activities as outlined below

  3. Project 1 Special Edition NewspaperThis assignment is worth 120 pointsFor this assignment you will construct a newspaper containing three different types of articles

  4. Article #1 • The first article is an informative piece in which the author gives a factual account of the murder. You will answer the basic who, what, when, where, why and, if appropriate, how but give no interpretation or opinions. • Ideas for informative piece: 60 Second Shakespeare

  5. Article #2 • In article two, you will take on the perspective of one of the commoners to write an editorial or commentary of your own perspective of the murder. • Examples of editorials from Charleston Gazette; Examples of editorials; More editorials

  6. Article # 3 • The third piece will be an advice column like Dear Abby or Ann Landers. You will write from the perspective of Portia asking for advice about how to handle her husband, Brutus’s dark mood and refusal to share with her what is troubling him. You will also write Abby’s or Ann’s reply. • Examples of Dear Abby column

  7. Rubric—Assignment 1

  8. Rubric—Assignment 2

  9. Rubric—Assignment 3

  10. Caesar Song/Scene Reenactment Video This assignment is worth 150 points. For this assignment, you will produce a 1-3 minute video of your choice. You have the option of acting out a favorite scene, monologue, or soliloquy, or you can tell about the play through song—rap, or some other form.

  11. This assignment may be completed alone (you will probably still need assistance with the camera, etc.) or with one or more classmates. If you choose to work as a group, please understand that it is a group project and everyone must contribute equally, which means that every member must appear in the video as well as contribute to the script/song writing. All group members will receive the same grade. If you prefer to work alone, that is perfectly fine as well. We all have different preferences, so choose what makes you most comfortable. Keep in mind that this is an outside of class assignment and all work will be completed on your own. Of course, I am always available for assistance and will help you in any way possible, but regular class time will not be devoted to the project. In addition, I have several video cameras, microphones, etc. that can be signed out for use.

  12. You will turn in a written script, song, or whatever it is you decide to do in your video. For example, if you do a rap song, I want a written copy of the lyrics. If you do a modern day reenactment of a scene, soliloquy, etc, then I will need the revised script. All videos should be saved to a MP4 format and will be viewed by the class. You may choose the software of your choice for editing, etc. Be creative and let this assignment highlight your technical as well as your creative talents. Have fun with it! I look forward to seeing those videos!!