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An Appetite for Math!!! PowerPoint Presentation
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An Appetite for Math!!!

An Appetite for Math!!!

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An Appetite for Math!!!

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  1. An Appetite for Math!!! By: Noelle Guarnieri and Kevin Schneider

  2. Who Knew? Math in Alliot! For our e-notebook presentation, we explored Alliot and found the many math concepts within!

  3. Knights of the Round Table! • In Alliot, there are 20 rectangular tables and 24 circular tables. What is the ratio of rectangular tables to circular? What type of table do you prefer to sit at with your friends?! Number and Operations

  4. Are You Feeling…Loopy?! • In your cereal bowl you have 50 fruit loops, and there are 5 colors all together. There is an even amount of each color. If you reached in and picked out one loop, what is the probability that you pick a green one? Probability

  5. How Far Are You Willing to Go For an Alliot Treat? Yum! • You are sitting at one of the furthest tables in the back of Alliot, near the windows. You are really craving two eggs over easy, but it’s just so far away! How many feet would you have to walk in order to get your eggs? Measurement

  6. Why are bananas never lonely? Because they hang around in bunches! • Have you ever dug through the basket of bananas, trying to find the perfect one? Well, using your estimation skills, just how many do you think there are in that basket? Number and Operations

  7. What Do You Need to Drink to Make Your Meal Complete? • Your sitting at lunch with your friends and four of them have chocolate milk, three have iced tea, and you have coke. How do the drink choices compare? Make a graph and analyze that data! Data Analysis

  8. Do You Want Fries With That? • You are enjoying a plate of fries. You have 10 to start with, but you realize that just won’t cut it, you need more. While your friend is up getting a fork, you grab five from his plate! How many do you have now? Think addition! Number and Operations

  9. Danger! Peanut Butter Scare! • You walk back to your seat with a bowl of saltines and peanut butter. Life is good. You realize all of a sudden that you aren’t supposed to be eating the peanut butter due to the recent emergence of salmonella! You have 15 crackers, but eight of them are already contaminated! As hard as it is to let them go, how many are there left to eat?  Use subtraction! Number and Operations

  10. Maybe Mayo Isn’t So Marvelous After all… • Have you ever looked at the nutrition facts on the mayo bottle? Well, there are 11 grams total fat. There are 1.5 grams of unsaturated fat out of the total 11 grams. Using multiplication, what is the percentage of total fat that is unsaturated? Number and Operations

  11. So Many Friends, So Few Chairs • There are 160 chairs total at the rectangular tables in Alliot. There are 20 rectangular in total. Using division, how many chairs are at each rectangular table? Number and Operations

  12. Shaping Up to Get To Alliot! • Have you ever noticed the shapes that are all around Alliot, especially in the windows? What shapes can you see? What different shapes and sizes fit together to make up a window? Geometry

  13. “When the Moon Hits Your Eye Like a Big Pizza Pie, That’s Alliot…” • For some reason you really want some of that homemade Alliot pepperoni pizza. You got there just in time; the chef just put out a whole, new pizza with eight warm, cheesy slices! Feeling up to the challenge, you take three slices. Using your number and operations skills, what fraction of the pizza did you take? Number and Operations

  14. Alliot Never Gets Too Old… • The Alliot staff are some of the sweetest people at this school, we all love them! They range in age, from 25 to 60. The ages in total are: 40,36, 25,59, 55, 32, 40,47, 60, 59, 30, 40, 29, and 52. What is the mean age of Alliot staff? Algebra

  15. Alliot Never Gets Too Old… • Now do you want to know the median age of Alliot staff? Well, you can! Put the ages in order from youngest to oldest, and find the middle number. This will give you the median age. If there are two middle numbers, then just add them then divide by two! Algebra

  16. Alliot Never Gets Too Old… • Lastly, let’s take a look at the mode age! Looking at the list of ages, try and find the age that most of the staff share! In other words, the number that appears most often. This is your mode age! Algebra

  17. There’s No Better Way to Spend Your Money Than Helping a Friend Eat at Alliot! • Once again, your friends forgot their knight card…five of them in fact. It’s up to you whether they eat or not. So, you guest pass all five of them in one semester, and you had to guest pass three friends the semester before. How much money did you spend all together? (Each guest pass costs $7.50) Number and Operations

  18. Time Flies When You’re People Watching in Alliot! • If Alliot is open from 7 am until 8 pm, then how many minutes per day is it open for? Use multiplication and conversion! Number and Operations

  19. Quenching Your Thirst For Math! • You just played ultimate frisbee on the quad…you are dying of thirst. You want the container in Alliot that will give you optimal liquid! You are deciding between a typical Alliot cup, a mug, a cereal bowl, and a dessert plate. Which one will hold the most volume, and ultimately hold the most liquid to satisfy your needs? Measurement

  20. The Ceiling’s The Limit • If the Alliot ceiling is 25 feet high, and the Sodexho Manager is 6’ 5”, then roughly how many times could he be stacked up to reach the ceiling? Yes, the Sodexho Manager enjoys playing in the NBA occasionally… Measurement

  21. Eating to Your Heart’s Content, and Beyond! • If you weigh 120 pounds before going into Alliot, and you eat three cheeseburgers (weighing ¼ pound each), and two pieces of chocolate cake (weighing ½ pound together), then how much do you weigh when you leave? Measurement

  22. Are the Founders of the Original Dining Hall Still Haunting Our Cafeteria?! • It’s the year 2009. St. Michael’s was founded in the year 1904, fully equipped with a dining hall. Using subtraction to find the difference in years, how long has a dining hall been on this campus? Number and Operations