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OFF – CAMPUS HOUSING Where to live, how to get there, and how much it costs Presentation created by Swiyyah White ’06, Inchan Kwon ’06, and Katie Petersen ‘08 University of California Hastings College of the Law The Civic Center A/k/a: The Tenderloin A/k/a: The Loin Tenderloin

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off campus housing


Where to live, how to get there, and how much it costs

Presentation created by Swiyyah White ’06, Inchan Kwon ’06, and Katie Petersen ‘08

The Civic Center


The Tenderloin


The Loin


UC Hastings is located in the Tenderloin area of San Francisco. Thus, living in this area would make it extremely easy to get to school. The Tenderloin is also the location of all the courts (Superior Court, California Court of Appeal, California Supreme Court, Federal District Court, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals) and City Hall. Not only are you close to school and the legal community, you are also close to the arts community. The Tenderloin is home to the Asian Art Museum, Davies Symphony Hall, the San Francisco Opera House, and a lot of theater, large and small.

location location
Location! Location!
  • Near UC Hastings
  • Farmers Market on Wednesdays and Sundays
  • Home to City Hall, SF Public Library, Asian Art Museum, all the courts and much more!

$ RENT $

  • Studio: $ 790 – 1450 Average $ 1053
  • 1 Bdrm: $1200 – 2350 Average $ 1833
  • 2 Bdrm: $1340 – 2276 (6) Average $ 2276
  • 3/4 Bdrm: $2900 – 4000 (2) Average $ 3763
tenderloin more
Tenderloin, more…

The best place to live in the Tenderloin is Hastings’ McAllister Tower; the rent is probably the cheapest in the area and utilities are included. Because the Tower is filled with students, you have a campus-like experience that makes it easy to get to know your fellow classmates and make friends. If you are into convenience, the Tenderloin might be the place for you.

hayes valley9
Hayes Valley
  • Hayes Valley is so close to UC Hastings that you can walk to school. There are many excellent restaurants and bakeries, fun places to go to for happy hour, art galleries and funky little stores. However, because of its growing trendiness and new development it has gotten more expensive in recent years. Hayes Valley is a good option if you want to live near school but not in the Tenderloin.
getting to school
Getting To School
  • Distance from Hastings: 1 mile
  • How to get there: MUNI Bus Line #5, walk.
ultra chic corridor
Ultra-Chic Corridor
  • Trendy fashion boutiques
  • SoHo-style funky art galleries
  • Hip night spots
  • Top-notch Restaurants

$ 950 –



$ 1252

1 Bdrm:

$ 1200 –



$ 2023

2 Bdrm:

$ 1750 –



$ 2324

3 / 4 Bdrm:

$ 4500

$ RENT $
nob hill14
Nob Hill
  • Nob Hill is another neighborhood close to UC Hastings, right up the hill from campus. Students who live here can walk down to class in the morning in about 10 to 15 minutes. However, because walking uphill is harder, taking the bus or the UC Hastings night shuttle service are popular choices for students returning home to this neighborhood. There is a lot to do on Nob Hill: excellent restaurants and hip night clubs and bars to dance the night away on Polk Street. Further, when you are not busy studying you can take the cable car down to Powell Street and do some shopping.
getting to school15
Getting To School
  • Distance from UC Hastings:

1 mile

  • Transportation:

MUNI Bus #19,

walk, Hastings shuttle at night

  • Diverse yet swanky neighborhood
  • Luxury hotels and upscale buildings
  • Funky shops and dive bars
  • Vintage barber shops & old corner coffee shops
$ RENT $
  • Studio: $1125 –1475

Avg: $1263

  • 1 Bdrm: $1250 - 3900

Avg: $ 2008

  • 2 Bdrm: $ 2495 - 6000

Avg: $ 3417

  • 3 / 4 Bdrm: $ 3200-11000

Avg: $ 4739

nob hill more
Nob Hill, more…
  • Several movies were filmed in this area, including The Wedding Planner, Just Like Heaven and Under the Tuscan Sun. Nob Hill is not the place to bring a car: street parking is hard to find. It is also an upscale neighborhood and can be quite an expensive place to live. However, students can be creative to make this area more affordable. For example, turning the living room of a spacious apartment into a bedroom makes a one bedroom into a two bedroom apartment.
financial district downtown20
Financial District/Downtown
  • The Financial District/Downtown is also near UC Hastings, just a stop or two away on the SF MUNI light rail, and easily walkable. It is home to most of the large law firms and businesses in San Francisco. On the way to the financial district you pass Union Square, San Francisco’s prime shopping area. There is housing in this area, but it can be pricey.
getting to school21
Getting to School
  • Distance From School: 1/2 – 1 mile
  • Transportation: walk, MUNI (many bus choices and light rail)
retail and cultural center
Retail and Cultural Center
  • UNION SQUARE = Shopping !!
  • San Francisco’s main theater district
  • Fine art galleries
  • Financial District = location of a large number of law student summer jobs
$ Rent $
  • Studio: $995 – 2300 Avg: $1053
  • 1 Brdm: $2000 – 3875 Avg: $1851
  • 2 Brdm: $2500 - 5800 Avg: $2250
  • 3/4 Brdm: $5500 Avg: $3763
soma south of market25
SoMa (South of Market)
  • SoMa (south of Market Street) was formally a warehouse district housing a lot of light industry. Now it is an up-and-coming neighborhood experiencing rapid gentrification. It is home to the San Francisco Giants ballpark, Yerba Buena Gardens, SF Museum of Modern Art, lots of restaurants, and many hip night spots.
getting to school26
Getting To School
  • Distance From School: 1-2 miles
  • Transportation:

MUNI Light Rail (T), many buses

the other side of market
The Other Side of Market
  • Close to ballpark
  • Cool lofts
  • Restaurants & bars
  • Close to Downtown
  • You can get anywhere quickly – conveniently located
soma housing costs
SoMa Housing Costs
  • Loft-style housing abounds, partly due to SoMa’s warehouse district past. Most of these lofts are new developments geared to “dot-com” professionals, and not inexpensive. Fortunately, UC Hastings has an agreement with UCSF giving Hastings students the opportunity to live in UCSF’s new student housing in SoMa’s Mission Bay area. This is an ideal new option for those on a budget and a great way to meet non-Hastings graduate students in San Francisco.
$ RENT $
  • Studio: $720 – 1925 Avg: $ 1799
  • 1 Bdrm: $ 1400 – 7100 Avg: $ 2833
  • 2 Bdrm: $ 1605 – 5500 Avg: $ 3618
  • 3/4 Bdrm: $ 2300 – 6490 Avg: $ 4703
north beach little italy31
North Beach/Little Italy
  • North Beach, also known as Little Italy, is probably the most European-like neighborhood in San Francisco. There are lots of restaurants and coffee shops with tables outside, a lovely square/park facing the famous St. Peter and Paul’s church (where Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe were married), and a thriving entertainment district. In the entertainment district there are really good jazz clubs, dance clubs of all kinds and bars. If you have a car, North Beach is probably not the place for you. Parking is extremely difficult. Rent can also be pricey because it is one of San Francisco’s most famous neighborhoods. If you like a neighborhood with a European feel this might be the one for you.
getting to school32
Getting To School
  • Distance From School:2 miles
  • Transportation:


little italy
Little Italy
  • Food: Italian, Japanese, French, fusion cuisines
  • Washington Square Park
entertainment district
Entertainment District
  • Strip clubs, bars, jazz clubs
$ Rent $
  • Studio: $1475 – 1625 Avg: $1530
  • 1 Bdrm: $1475 – 3100 Avg: $2089
  • 2 Bdrm: $2500 – 3795 Avg: $3119
  • 3 / 4 Bdrm: $2590 - 12500 Avg: $4723
  • The Marina is a young hip place to live and hang out. It is full of young professionals, with bars and nightclubs that cater to the super- trendy. Of course there are also great restaurants and many cute little boutiques. The Marina is also home to the beautiful Palace of Fine Arts (in which you will find the Exploratorium and a performance space). The downside is the high rental prices – this is not a place for those living on a tight budget. However, if you are super-trendy this might be the place for you. (While street parking isn’t easy, you could keep a car on the street in this neighborhood without too much trouble.)
getting to school38
Getting To School
  • Distance From School: 2- 3 miles
  • Transportation


  • Filled with young people
  • Great shopping and window shopping
  • High-quality restaurants
  • Lots of bars
2 Bdrm: $2000-4200

Avg: $3206

3/4 Bdrm: $3500-5500

Avg: $ 4516

Studios: $1100-1890

Avg: $1486

1 Brdm: $1395-5000

Avg: $ 2100

$ RENT $
pacific heights42
Pacific Heights
  • Pacific Heights is home to multi-million dollar mansions and gorgeous views of the Bay. There are rentals, but the prices are high. It is a beautiful place to live for those who can afford it. There’s great shopping on Fillmore Street as well as in nearby Cow Hollow (which is part of the Marina district). For those who cannot afford Pacific Heights but wish they could, Lower Pacific Heights might be an option.
getting to school43
Getting to School
  • Distance From School: 2 - 3 Miles
  • Transportation:


  • Shopping on Fillmore St.
  • Views of the Bay
  • Elegant neighborhood
average rent
Studios: Avg: $1341

1 Bdrm: Avg: $2594

2 Bdrm: Avg: $3505

3 + Bdrm: $2850-6800

Avg: $ 5311

Average Rent
the richmond district47
The Richmond District
  • The Richmond is one of the more affordable places in San Francisco to live. It is primarily a residential neighborhood, and one where you can find street parking if you have a car. There is neighborhood-serving retail of all types. Plus, there are endless great places to eat, many with moderate prices, and of all cuisines (including many Chinese, Vietnamese, Burmese, Thai and Korean). The Richmond is bounded by and on the north side of Golden Gate Park. There is no as much night life as in some other neighborhoods, but if you are seeking housing on a budget this might be a great place for you.
getting to school48
Getting To School
  • Distance From School:

3 - 5 miles

  • Transportation

MUNI (#38, including the rush-hour Geary Express)

why live here
Why Live Here?
  • Multicultural
  • Near Golden Gate Park
  • Minutes from the beautiful Presidio
  • Food (Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese)
  • Moderate rental prices
average rent50
Average Rent
  • Studios: $550 – 1500 Avg: $1165
  • 1 Br: $995-2300 Avg: $1609
  • 2 Br: $1375-3500 Avg: $2072
  • 3+ Br: $2100-7000 Avg: $3300
the haight52
The Haight
  • The Haight-Ashbury district is best known for its role as the center of the 1960’s hippie movement and its association with the Beat generation. Though remnants of its former hippie vibe still remain (40 years after the “summer of love,”), the current Haight scene makes it a home for fashionable club kids, tourists and local neighborhood folks alike. The Haight is a great place to sit in a coffee shop and people-watch, get tattooed or pierced, or shop for vintage clothing. Housing can be expensive because of the neighborhood’s historical reputation and popularity, but it is definitely a fun and happening place. If you go for that bohemian vibe, this might be the place for you.
getting to school53
Getting To School
  • Distance From School: 2-3 Miles
  • Transportation

MUNI light

rail (N Judah) & buses

  • Diverse neighborhood
  • Vintage clothing, exclusive boutiques
  • Hip restaurants
  • Internet cafes & bars
average rent55
2 Bdrm: $1950-2895

Avg: $2363


Avg: $3275

Studios: $1200-1325

Avg: $1249

1 Bdrm: $1395-1800

Avg: $1604

Average Rent
cole valley57
Cole Valley
  • Just up the hill from the Haight is quiet Cole Valley. Cole Valley manages to be as nice and clean as the Marina, although not as trendy, without being snooty. It is a great place to eat or just enjoy a leisurely afternoon sipping coffee in a café. Many of its residents are young professionals and UCSF students (UCSF, in the inner Sunset, is just a few minutes from Cole Valley). While some properties here are expensive, you can still find affordable places to live. Cole Valley is a great place if you want easy access to the Haight without actually living there.
getting to school58
Getting to School
  • Distance From School: 3 miles
  • Transportation:

MUNI light rail (N Judah)

cute and relaxed
Cute and Relaxed
  • Food and coffee are Cole Valley specialties
  • Residents are families, young professionals, UCSF students
  • Nice without being snooty
average rent60
2 Bdrm: $1800 – 4500

Avg: $2548

3 Bdrm: $3300 – 5400

Avg: $3873

Studios: $1195 – 1800

Avg: -

1 Brdm: $1420 – 2800

Avg: $1733

Average Rent
inner sunset62
Inner Sunset
  • If you take the MUNI N-Judah light rail line a little beyond Cole Valley you will reach the Inner Sunset. Irving Street, the main thoroughfare of this neighborhood, is one reason many students live here despite weather that is foggier than some other neighborhoods. Irving Street features restaurants of all types, cute little shops, and neighborhood grocery stores, and there is plenty of nearby affordable housing.
getting to school63
Getting To School
  • Distance From School: 3.5 miles
  • Transportation:

MUNI Light Rail (N)

affordable and cool
Affordable and Cool
  • Laid back feeling of a small town
  • Great restaurants, near Golden Gate Park
  • Residents are families and students (UCSF)
  • Mom-and-pop produce and grocery stores (cheap)
$ Rent $
  • Studios: $925-1399 Avg: $1132
  • 1 Bdrm: $900-1935 Avg: $1476
  • 2 Bdrm: $1200-2300 Avg: $2133
  • 3+Bdrm: $ 2200-3695 Avg: $3175
inner sunset more
Inner Sunset, more…
  • Like the Richmond District, the Inner Sunset is near Golden Gate Park, but on the south side. (You can walk across the park to the Inner Richmond.) There is enough going on and enough people out-and-about to provide plenty to do without venturing downtown. The neighborhood is primarily composed of families and students. It has a laid-back feeling and remains an affordable neighborhood and a viable place to have a car. If you like affordable and a little fun, this might be the place for you.
outer sunset west portal taraval68
Outer Sunset/West Portal/Taraval
  • Also known for their foggy weather are the Outer Sunset, West Portal and Taraval neighborhoods. (But fog is mostly a summer phenomenon – that hardly matters the rest of the year.) These are urban suburbs: more houses, more with yards, driveways, and grass-and-trees, and fewer businesses. Nevertheless, there is more than an adequate supply of interesting shops and restaurants! The Outer Sunset ends at Ocean Beach, a plus for those who want to surf (or watch the surfers), enjoy the tradition of beach bonfires, or just walk on the beach and watch the sunset. These neighborhoods are definitely great places to consider because of their affordability and friendliness to cars and families (and perhaps also to pets).
getting to school69

MUNI Light Rail

(N Judah, L Taraval)

Distance From School: 5 – 7 miles

Getting To School
foggy suburb
Urban suburb

Ocean Beach

Coffee shops and boutiques (West Portal)

Foggy Suburb
$ Rent $
  • Studios: $825 – 925 Avg: $1021
  • 1 Bdrm: $1090 – 1675 Avg: $1347
  • 2 Bdrm: $1250 – 2600 Avg: $1953
  • 3 Bdrm: $1800 – 4000 Avg: $2661
the mission 16 th and valencia
The Mission* – 16th and Valencia
  • This is the cool, hipster part of the Mission. Here, there are many dive bars, cafes, restaurants, thrift stores, bookstores, art galleries and theaters. There is a very active night life – this has been a “hot spot” in recent years. The rents vary a lot depending upon the location within the Mission District. If you want to live in a neighborhood with great night life, you definitely should look here.

*This district bears its name because of Mission Dolores, one of the original Spanish missions on the famed California “mission trail.”

getting to school74
Getting To School
  • Distance from School: 1.5 - 2 miles
  • Transportation: BART, Muni Bus
c o l o r f u l
Mission Dolores:

Historic site

Located adjacent to Dolores Park

16th and Valencia:


Great restaurants

Hip cool atmosphere

mission dolores park area
Mission – Dolores Park Area
  • This part of the Mission is much quieter than the 16th & Mission area, with fewer night spots. It is equidistant from the bars of 16th Street and the clubs of the Castro. There are tree-lined streets, the beautiful Dolores Park, and interesting Victorians all around. This is the retreat that you might seek from the hustle and bustle of 16th and Valencia. It can be a little pricier but you can find some affordable housing depending upon the street.
$ Rent $
  • Studio: $850-1375

Avg: $1140

  • 1 Bdrm:$1300-2850

Avg: $1675

  • 2 Bdrm:$1950-2795

Avg: $2349

  • 3+Bdrm:$2549-3425

Avg: $3093

castro duboce triangle79
Castro/Duboce Triangle
  • Next to the Mission is the Castro. This area is always buzzing. You can shop and go to restaurants or cafes in the daytime and there are clubs and bars to enjoy in the nighttime hours. There are always people out and about. The Castro has been the site of the world’s greatest Halloween party – but it probably will be moved to another location for security reasons this year. Adjacent to the Castro is Duboce Triangle, featuring Duboce Park, a great park to take your dog. All these wonderful things about the Castro and Duboce Triangle do not come cheap, but If you like fun or have a dog its higher rental costs might make sense for you.
getting to school80
Getting To School
  • Distance From School:

2-3 miles

  • Transportation: MUNI Light Rail (K, L, M, Castro Shuttle)
  • Buzzing by day and by night
  • Beautiful homes
  • Duboce Park, especially if you have a dog
  • Great food, shops, bars
$ Rent $
  • Studio: $1100-1725 Avg:$1249
  • 1 Bdrm: $1500-2750 Avg:$1793
  • 2 Bdrm: $1675-3600 Avg:$2565
  • 3 +Bdrm:$2650-4800 Avg:$3639
noe valley84
Noe Valley
  • Over the hills from the Castro is Noe Valley. Formerly a working class neighborhood, it has become gentrified and is now home to many young professionals (a/k/a yuppies). The main attraction is 24th Street, with its restaurants, cafes and boutiques. The hills that surround it make it feel remote from the city. This is a popular family neighborhood; if you have a family, this might be a place for you. The popularity of this neighborhood keeps the housing costs high.
getting to school85

MUNI Light Rail (J, L)

MUNI bus

Distance From School: 3 miles

Getting To School
valley on a hill
Valley on a Hill
  • Upscale restaurants
  • Chic boutiques
  • Residents: lots of families
  • Location makes it feel removed from City
2 Bdrm: $1700-2800

Avg: $3087


Avg: $4181

Studio: $1365-1450


1 Bdrm: $1095-2700


$ Rent $
oakland berkeley emeryville the east bay
Oakland/Berkeley/Emeryville“The East Bay”
  • Just because you go to school in San Francisco does not mean you have to live there. Why not consider living on the other side of the Bay Bridge in the East Bay?
oakland lake merritt
Oakland-Lake Merritt
  • Transportation: BART (Lake Merritt)
  • Young professionals
  • Lake Merritt
  • Shops, Parkway & Grand Lake Theaters
  • Rent: $950 - 2900
oakland lake merritt90
Oakland-Lake Merritt
  • Lake Merritt is a great place to live if you like being near water. Lake Merritt is a large tidal lagoon surrounded by a necklace of pearl bulb lights which makes for a pretty sight at night. Surrounding the lake is a walking, strolling and jogging path, as well as housing. During the day you will see lots of people walking and jogging around the lake. There are small boutiques, restaurants and theaters in this area. If you live near the lake you are very close to a BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) station (Lake Merritt or 19th Street); the SF Civic Center BART stop is just down the block from Hastings. The neighborhood is full of young professionals and is still affordable. As with most places in the East Bay, parking is not a problem.
  • Transportation: BART (Rockridge)
  • Fenton's – really good ice cream
  • Many boutiques
  • Restaurants
  • Rent: $950-2850
  • Piedmont is a town carved out of the middle of Oakland. It has a main street full of restaurants, cafes, boutiques and the well-known local institution, Fenton’s Ice Creamery and Restaurant. There are a lot of families in this area. Piedmont housing (much of which is single-family dwellings) is fairly expensive.
oakland rock ridge berkeley
Oakland – Rockridge - Berkeley
  • Transportation: BART (Rockridge)
  • Restaurants & boutiques
  • Zachary’s Pizza
  • Rent: $900-3000
  • Rockridge is a neighborhood in Oakland located southeast of Berkeley. College Avenue, the main street, is where you will find bakeries, cafes, boutiques and popular restaurants like Zachary’s Pizza. This is a very busy area where you will find people out and about day and night. Rockridge has its own BART station, so there is a lot of housing within walking distance of public transportation. Many students live in this area because of its proximity to UC Berkeley. Many families live here as well. This is a great neighborhood to consider.
  • Transportation
  • Diverse, laid back
  • Food, unique shops
  • Rent: $760-5700
  • Berkeley is a unique place – a very diverse city with, of course, a great university and endlessly-interesting politics. There is a lot of activity with restaurants and retail, particularly in the Telegraph Avenue area adjoining the UC campus. Because of the University’s large student body, there is a lot of affordable housing that is available to students.
  • Transportation: BART (MacArthur)
  • Shopping, chain restaurants, multi-screen ,movie theater, lofts
  • Rent: $825-1791
  • Emeryville is an up-and-coming city. Formerly a city of warehouses, wedged between Berkeley and Oakland, it now has one of the region’s newest shopping centers and largest movie theater complexes. There are apartments and lofts close to Bay Street near the shopping center. Housing can be affordable and the new developments are the best places to live. It is only minutes away from the freeway and Bay Bridge to San Francisco. For non-drivers, there is a free shuttle, the Emery-go-round, which can quickly take you to the nearby MacArthur BART station.

Hastings Shuttle


housing more
Housing, more…
  • Housing
  • -Use this site to find the average price in a San Francisco neighborhood of your choice.
  • - This is a good resource for apartment and roommate hunting, furniture sales and all sorts of other things you might want to look for in San Francisco.
  • - Use this site to find out more about the neighborhoods talked about on this page.
  • - A new addition to the Hastings website. This housing board is exclusive to UC Hastings students, although landlords may ask for notices to be posted. You can post and look for housing and roommates amongst your fellow students
  • - Housing available through partnership with UCSF at the new Mission Bay housing in the SoMa district.