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All About Gene

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All About Gene Introducing Me! My Family My Pets Things I Like to Do My Favorite Books More Introducing Me!

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all about gene

All About Gene

Introducing Me!

My Family

My Pets

Things I Like to Do

My Favorite Books


introducing me
Introducing Me!

My name is Gene. I like to ride dirt bikes. I also like baseball. Sometimes I play football with our dog. Sometimes I play soccer. I like to go horse back riding and I like fishing and hunting. My favorite animal is my horse named Rico. My family loves going camping . All of our pets are: ten chickens, seven turkeys, one horse, and two cats named Links and Nermal. I have a big sister that looks like me.

my family
My Family

My family likes going camping . My family also likes to go fishing and hunting. My family is very, very nice. My family likes to BBQ and they also like to go see movies.

my pets
My Pets

I have a lot of animals. Our horse loves alfalfa. Our rabbit loves lettuce and broccoli leaves. The chickens eat worms. They love worms. I lift up rocks and they start chowing on them.

things i like to do
Things I Like to Do

I like to go horseback riding. I also like to go bike riding with my brothers. I like to go dirt bike riding. I like to go fishing for salmon in Canada. I like to go hunting for deer and elk.

my favorite books
My Favorite Books

I like to read fishing books, hunting books, dirt bike books, racing books, car books, Harry Potter books, surfing books, animal books, drawing books and coloring books.

more about me
More About Me

I like to go swimming in the Snohomish River with my mom and my stepdad.

I like to go tubing in lakes. I like to fish for sea bass in a boat out in Puget Sound. Those are the things I like to do.