Comparative hrm recruitment and selection
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Comparative HRM: Recruitment and Selection - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Comparative HRM: Recruitment and Selection. Recruitment: Attracting qualified candidates to work in an organization. Selection: Selecting among the applicants. Purpose of recruitment. Determine present and future needs for personnel Increase the pool of qualified applicants

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Purpose of recruitment
Purpose of recruitment organization.

  • Determinepresentandfutureneedsforpersonnel

  • Increasethepool of qualifiedapplicants

  • Increasethe fit of theapplicantsattracted

  • Increasechances of retentionbyattractingtherightcandidates

  • Providerealisticjobpreviews

  • Adhereto legal andsocialrequirements

  • Analyzethelaborpools

Differences of legal recruitment requirements
Differences organization. of Legal RecruitmentRequirements

  • The use of quotas?

  • Discrimination on the basis of what?

Internal sources of candidates hiring from within

Advantages organization.

Foreknowledge of candidates’ strengths and weaknesses

More accurate view of candidate’s skills

Candidates have a stronger commitment to the company

Increases employee morale

Less training and orientation required


Failed applicants become discontented

Time wasted interviewing inside candidates who will not be considered

Inbreeding of the status quo

Internal Sources of Candidates: Hiring from Within

Internal vs external labor markets
Internal vs External Labor Markets organization.

  • Germany, Japan, France, and Switserland use more internal sources for promotions

  • Britaion, USA, Denmark, Hong Kong use external sources more

Offshoring outsourcing white collar and other jobs
Offshoring/Outsourcing White-Collar and Other Jobs organization.

  • Specific issues in outsourcing jobs abroad

    • Political and military instability

    • Likelihood of cultural misunderstandings

    • Customers’ security and privacy concerns

    • Foreign contracts, liability, and legal concerns

    • Special training of foreign employees

    • Costs associated with companies supplying foreign workers

Selection techniques
Selection Techniques organization.