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Healthy Schools Team (HST) 2013-2014 PowerPoint Presentation
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Healthy Schools Team (HST) 2013-2014

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Healthy Schools Team (HST) 2013-2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Healthy Schools Team (HST) 2013-2014. Agenda. Power Point Presentation Healthy School Team Overview Review 2013-2014 CSH goals Review Healthy School Team calendar Share ideas for HST health initiatives and events Organization of Binders Overview of Data Collection:

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Healthy Schools Team (HST) 2013-2014

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Healthy Schools Team (HST)2013-2014

    2. Agenda • Power Point Presentation • Healthy School Team Overview • Review 2013-2014 CSH goals • Review Healthy School Team calendar • Share ideas for HST health initiatives and events • Organization of Binders • Overview of Data Collection: SHI, PACER, Quarterly PA/PE • Mini-Grants Support • Provide contact info for regional SPC Revised 7/13

    3. Coordinated School Health Coordinated School Health is an effective system of 8 inter-related components designed to connect health (physical, emotional and social) with education. Revised 7/13

    4. Mission • The mission of Coordinated School Health is to improve children’s health and their capacity to learn through the support of families, communities, and the schools working together. Revised 7/13

    5. Best Practices • What progress did you make toward 2012-13 Healthy School goals? • Compare years through graphs or verbal summaries with available BMI, blood pressure, and PA/PE data. Revised 7/13

    6. Starting Healthy School Team Basic steps to team success: • Gather team members • Identify school needs • Identify local school resources • Write a School Health Improvement Plan • Manage and monitor implementation • Market successes • Data Collection • Screening Revised 7/13

    7. Team Members • Seek faculty/staff who have a commitment to the cause • Look for community partners to join team • Secure administrative support • Set time for regularly scheduled meetings Revised 7/13

    8. 2013 - 2014 Healthy School Team School: ____________________________ Principal: ____________________________________ *Mandated Members Revised 7/13

    9. 2013-2014 Goals • Reduce Childhood Obesity by 2% as measured by SCS baseline data • Healthy School Team will engage all 8 Components of the CDC Model. • Utilize School Improvement Plan to support Healthy School Plans. Revised 7/13

    10. Components of a Coordinated School Health Initiative Revised 7/13

    11. 2013 Semester 1 Revised 7/13

    12. 2013 Semester 1 Revised 7/13

    13. 2013-2014 Semester 2 Revised 7/13

    14. 2013-2014 Semester 2 Revised 7/13

    15. Semester 1 Semester 2 • CSH Evaluation Data: List of Community/Business Partners participating in CSH initiatives/projects: _________________________________ ______________________________ ____________________________ _________________________________ ______________________________ ________________________ Revised 7/13

    16. Requesting Grants Qualifications • 1st Quarterly PA/PE • SHI and Action Plan • Needs documented with data • Effective implementation Revised 7/13

    17. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- School Region:□ Northwest □ Southwest □ Northeast □ Southeast □ East Name of School: _______________________________________________________________ School Address: ­­­_______________________________________________________________ City/Zip Code: ________________________________________________________________ Healthy School Team Person for This Proposal: ­­­­­­____________________________________ Contact Person Title/Position: ___________________________________________________ Phone of Contact Person: _______________________________________________________ Email of Contact Person: _______________________________________________________ Project Title: _________________________________________________________________ Amount Requested: $_________________________________ Date(s) of Project: ____________________________________ In order to qualify for this mini-grant, all state mandated compliance and reporting such as Healthy School Team, PAPE reports, and School Health Index must be completed. Signature of Applicant: _________________________________________________ Signature of Principal: ­__________________________________________________ Revised 7/13

    18. (Note to principals: Only one application per school per academic year will be considered.) • Program Description • (PLEASE USE ARIAL 12-POINT FONT FOR THE GRANT TEXT!!) Please answer each of the following questions in 250 words or less: • What is the primary goal of your proposed Coordinated School Health Mini-grant Program project? • Describe your project, how this event / program / class will enhance the students’ and/or teacher’s health-related learning and the anticipated numbers served. Be very clear about the activities that will occur and what results you intend to achieve. Revised 7/13

    19. Provide a project budget. Vendor must be an SCS approved vendor. The budget will only pay for equipment. No contracted services, and salaries/benefits will be used per this grant request. Be sure to include discounts, shipping and handling in your order. You may use a 9-font in this table. Remove highlighted example. • Do you have a Healthy School Team? □ Yes □ No • Have you completed the School Health Index? □ Yes □ No • If yes, did you submit the following to the Office of Coordinated School Health? • Overall Score Card-□ Yes □ No • Module 1 %-_________________ • Module 2 %-_________________ • Module 3%-__________________ • Module 4%-__________________ • Module 5%-__________________ • Module 6%-__________________ • Module 7%-__________________ • Module 8%-__________________ • School Health Improvement Plan-□ Yes □ No Revised 7/13

    20. Shelby County Schools Office of Coordinated School HealthIn- Kind Activity/Program/Service Contribution Report Please complete the In-Kind Contribution Report for services, programs, activities in your school that are provided by community partners, programs or agencies. • Affix a monetary amount to these services and document on the In-Kind form. • Each organization should have their own form. • Place a copy of the completed report in your Healthy School Team binder. • Send a copy to the Office of Coordinated School Health at the end of the year. • In-Kind contribution reports may be completed monthly and/or totaled quarterly. Revised 7/13

    21. Revised 7/13

    22. School Health Index (SHI) Improving student health and safety can  increase students’ capacity to learn  reduce absenteeism  improve physical fitness and mental alertness Identify a coordinator for the School Health Index. The identity of the SHI coordinator varies from school to school. Many schools have found that it is best to have someone neutral to facilitate the SHI process. This person might be, for example, a retired health educator, a community-based dietitian, a professor at a local university, a graduate student, or a volunteer at a community-based health organization. Revised 7/13

    23. School Health Index (SHI) • • Scroll down and click “Enter SHI” • Register/create a new team • Follow instructions. • Enter District ID: 790 Legacy SCS or 791 Legacy MCS • Look up School ID for your school. • After you create your team, document your reference code for log-in: ______ Revised 7/13

    24. Making Healthier Students • All schools will be compliant to the 90 minute activity law. • Nutrition Services Manager and Administrators will comply with USDA guidelines. • PTA will help reduce celebrations and fundraising that does not support the Wellness Policy. • All middle school students will receive ongoing comprehensive health education according to the Michigan Model. • Utilize SHI to guide School Improvement Plan. • Integrate 8 components to connect health with learning. Revised 7/13

    25. Components of a Coordinated School Health Initiative Revised 7/13

    26. Please list all activities that you have going on in your school and any partnerships that relate to any CSH Component. Revised 7/13

    27. Each team should have procedures for reinforcing and maintaining healthy students through the 8 components. Identify vendors, ideas, and procedures for the following: Breakfast:Students enter building at 7 am. Go through breakfast line and report to classroom by 7:20 AM. Lunch Nutrition and Exercise routine • Physical Education/Physical Activity Take 10, Stop Everything And Move, Flash Mob, Organ Wise • Break/Snack Time: Healthy Concessions • Fundraising: Healthy alternatives (i.e.-Gift wrap, fruit, popcorn, coupon booklets) • Celebrations: Dances • Extracurricular: Intramural sports Revised 7/13

    28. Physical Education/Physical Activity • Complete SHI. • Fill out the tracking forms. • Have incentives for the PACER. • Ensure 90 minutes of PA/PE met & documented. • Both PACER and PAPE will be documented via Survey Monkey. A link will be sent to the HST Leader from Survey Monkey. • Only one reported document per school. • Include accomplishments that are met outside of school hours: • Creating a team for a local race • Extra-curricular activities • After-school programs (Collierville Elem. Blister’s Brigade, Teacher Yoga, Zumba) Revised 7/13

    29. Revised 7/13

    30. PA/PE Grade: Grade level of students (PK-12th) School Enrollment: Total number of students by grade by school Number of Students: Total number of students taking part in PE/PA or both Number of Exempt Students: Number of students with a 504 exemption from PA Total Minutes of PE/Wk: Number of minutes of PE offered to students in a week Total Minutes of PA/Wk:Number of minutes of PA offered to students in a week (including structured or active recess) Total Minutes of PAPE/Wk: Sum of PE/Wk + PA/Wk Compliance:YES if Total Minutes of PAPE/Wk are > 90 minutes; NO if Total Minutes of PAPE/Wk are < 90 minutes PA1-PA6: Use to id up to 6 Physical Activities offered to students; each activity has a PA code Other/Additional Physical Activity:Used for physical activities exceeding more than 6 or if a state adopted program being used is not listed on the Physical Activity Identification Sheet Revised 7/13

    31. Nutrition • Get help from your cafeteria manager • Highlight things that you believe are unique to your school: • Bartlett Elem. breakfast in the classroom & smoothie days • Houston High: student food tastings for new healthy lunch items • Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Grant • Nutrition Council • Nurse Presentations Revised 7/13

    32. Health Education • Include photos or documentation of special presentations beyond the regular health education • Elementary: OrganWise Guys, UT Extension Programs, • Middle: Health Education Presenters, Health Fairs • High: Driver’s Ed, Health Promotion Clubs/Organizations, CPR/First Aid Certifications for students • National Health Observances displayed on bulletin board/newsletter/school announcements Revised 7/13

    33. Health Services Document Everything: School nurses should document any teacher training or health education provided (training type/date/sign-in sheet) • CPR • First Aid Training • Blood Borne Pathogen Training • Asthma and ADD Education • Regional Clinic Collaborations • Human growth and development • School wide Health Screenings: BP, BMI, Ht, Wt, Vision, & Hearing Revised 7/13

    34. Healthy School Environment • List everyone in your school who is CPR/First Aid Trained. • Vending Choices • Hand washing posters • Train staff on how to check AEDs • List AED locations • Flu, Pneumonia, B12 shots • OSHA training • Fire Drill Revised 7/13

    35. Student, Family, and Community Partnerships • Include photos and/or documentation • Health Fairs • Races (Relay Recess), Fire Dept., Police Dept. • (Healthy) Muffins for Mom • Students volunteering organized hours • Services/grant funding from community partners (i.e.-Healthy Kids & Teen, Sherwood Elem.’s Gym) • Healthy Choices Week • Bike Rodeo • Red Ribbon Week Volunteers Revised 7/13

    36. School Staff Wellness • Afterschool workout programs • Shot Nurse (i.e.-B12, Flu, Lipo) • Weight Watchers/Biggest Loser Contest • Blood Pressure/Staff Wellness Screenings • Millington Elem. Faculty Staff Health Newsletter • Weight Loss/ Healthy Potlucks • Walking Programs (i.e.-Lunch walks, Walk with Us) • EAP/ Employee Assistance Program • 901-458-4000 • Sherwood Middle Spa Day • SCS Family Care Centers (Employee Health Clinics) • 901-473-2628 Revised 7/13

    37. Mental Health/School Counseling • Document school counselor’s involvement • Mental health training/awareness programs • ATOD Prevention Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug prevention education • Bullying/Gang Prevention • Small Groups • Child Abuse Training • Suicide Prevention • Character Education • 504 Accommodations • S-team Testing • Stress relief activities Revised 7/13

    38. Announcements Community Events Photos Flyers School wide Presentations…

    39. Special Observances/Activities • Breast Cancer Awareness • ADHD Parent Presentation • Afterschool Taekwondo • HOSA National Competition Revised 7/13

    40. School Improvement Plan Summary Insert SHIP goals into SIP Building Safety Healthier Students are Better Learners

    41. -2014 2013 -2014 Revised Revised Shelby County Schools • Checklist for Binder • Healthy School Team Members • Tracking Form • CSH Evaluation Data • List of CPR Certified Staff • SCS Mini-Grant • In-Kind Forms • Meeting Agenda/Notes • School Health Index & • Plan for Improvement • 8 Components Outline Sem 1 • 8 Components Outline Sem 2 • Healthy Choices Week Activities • Special Observances/Activities • SIP Verification w/SHIP Revised 7/13

    42. Coordinated School Health Director, Shunji Brown-Woods Manager, Jean Massey Revised 7/13

    43. Northwest & East Regions Special Project Coordinator: Meghan Claney Revised 7/13

    44. Northeast & East Regions Special Project Coordinator: Ashley McKinley Revised 7/13

    45. Alternative Schools Coordinated School Health Manager E. Jean Massey Revised 7/13

    46. Southeast & East Regions SE/E Special Project Coordinator: Vachenzia McKinney Revised 7/13

    47. Southwest & East Regions SW/E Special Project Coordinator: Kelley Greene Revised 7/13

    48. Resources • TN Coordinated School Health • SHI • District ID: 790 or 791 Reference Code: ___________ • Michigan Model : Revised 7/13

    49. Resources SCS Websites: • Coordinated School Health • • HST Powerpoint Presentation • Forms for Binders • Employee Health Clinics • • SCS Facility Services , 2800 Grays Creek Drive, Arlington, TN 38002  • 130 Flicker Street, Memphis, TN 38104  (entrance to clinic on street side Garden Street near train track) • Call 901-473-2628 for appointment; scheduled same day upon request. • Health Shop • • EAP • Revised 7/13