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Healthy Schools Program

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Healthy Schools Program - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Healthy Schools Program. Overview. Reversing the Trend. To eliminate childhood obesity and inspire all young people in the United States to develop lifelong, healthy habits. Alliance for a Healthier Generation Goal.

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Healthy Schools Program

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    1. Healthy Schools Program Overview

    2. Reversing the Trend To eliminate childhood obesity and inspire all young people in the United States to develop lifelong, healthy habits

    3. Alliance for a Healthier Generation Goal To stop the increase in prevalence of childhood obesity in the United States by 2010 and to reduce the prevalence of childhood obesity by 2015 by fostering an environment that helps all kids pursue healthy and active lifestyles. 

    4. Four Strategies IndustryVoluntary agreements with leading companies that increase children’s access to healthier foods and beverages and physical activity in their homes, schools, and communities. SchoolsSupports schools in their efforts to create healthy school environments that promote healthy eating and physical activity and recognizes those schools that succeed. HealthcareWorking with the healthcare community to address the prevention and treatment of childhood obesity in healthcare settings. Kids “By kids, for kids” movement to empower all kids to make healthy behavior changes and become advocates for physical activity and healthy eating.

    5. Why Work with Schools? 17 percent of all children and teens in the United States are overweight or obese Source: The Journal of the American Medical Association

    6. Our Mission The Healthy Schools Program is designed to create a nationwide paradigm shift…in which the perception that a school environment that promotes healthy eating and physical activity is the norm and not the exception.

    7. Established in February 2006 by a $8 million grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Kicked off the Healthy Schools Program at the first annual Healthy Schools Forum at the Clinton Presidential Library in July 2006. Provided onsite support to 230 schools in 13 states and online support to over 900 schools during the 2006-07 school year. The RWJF expansion will allow us to provide onsite support to over 8,000 schools in 34 states and online support to countless schools. History of the Healthy Schools Program

    8. Unique Contributions of the Healthy Schools Program • The only national program that couples comprehensive support to schools with the opportunity for national recognition. • The only opportunity for schools to be nationally-recognized for their overall healthy school environments. • By virtue of its parent organizations, the Alliance has the unique ability to contribute to macro-level solutions for childhood obesity prevention.

    9. Best Practices Framework • Policy • Health Education • Physical Education • School Meals Programs • Competitive Foods & Beverages • Physical Activity • Afterschool Programs • School Employee Wellness

    10. Six Steps to a Healthier School Environment • Convene a School Wellness Council • Complete an Inventory to determine a starting point for your school • Analyze Inventory results & develop a plan of action • Identify resources for implementation • Take action! • Celebrate successes & monitor progress

    11. Support to Schools • Online Support is offered through electronic, web-based and telephonic means by multiple Healthy Schools Program team members. • Onsite Support is offered by a Relationship Manager.

    12. Our Support • Facilitate your School Wellness Councils through the process of developing a healthier school environment • Broker connections to the local, state, and national resources your school needs to implement your action plans • Showcase yourschool’s successes through our recognition program and communications strategies

    13. Online Support to Schools • Healthy Schools Builder • Resource Database • Implementation Kits • Healthy Schools Product Navigator • Healthy Schools Snack Food Calculator • School-level BMI Tracking Kit

    14. Customized Support for Action • Phone and electronic technical assistance • National specialists available for training and technical assistance • Webinars • Online tools • Resource brokering

    15. Come See What We Have to Offer! Check out our Community page or get started by logging in to the Healthy Schools Builder.

    16. Community Page

    17. Healthy Schools Builder

    18. HSB Inventory Once a school completes the HSB, they will receive their certificate of participation, recognition results, and action steps custom to their school.

    19. Connect with Resources

    20. Webinars: Connect with Experts Short for Web-based seminar, a webinar is basically a conference call and online presentation all at once (it's really an easy tool to get in touch with our specialists and other schools). Take a look at our online calendar for upcoming sessions!

    21. Celebrate Your Successes We want to celebrate and share innovative solutions that schools around the country have successfully implemented to improve school health.

    22. Collaborators NBA has partnered with the Alliance to engage in program activities and outreach that encourage healthy lifestyle choices for children and young adults . The Alliance, Rachael Ray, and the Yum-o! Organization have partnered to provide the right tools and know-how to help take control of your meals and improve your child’s eating habits at home and in school. Nickelodeon and the Alliance have created the Go Healthy Challenge, an online and community-based movement that empowers kids to take the lead in making their lives, schools, and communities healthier! IDEA Health & Fitness Members volunteering to bring physical activity into schools. Middle schools and high schools across the country will now have another valuable resource for healthy living with the Alliance’s new partnership with Channel One (C1N), the nation’s preeminent in-school news and public affairs content provider.

    23. On-Site Technical Assistance Process • Three formal training sessions per year • Tailored on-site, phone and electronic support in between sessions First Year Training Sessions • First Steps for a Healthier School Environment • Planning for Action • Celebrating Successes

    24. Healthy Schools Program Reach

    25. Wednesday, May 3, 2006 Industry InitiativesAccomplishments

    26. On-site, telephone and electronic technical assistance upon request Web-based trainings on implementation issues Online tools to help align contracts and policies to the Alliance beverage and snack food guidelines Work with national partners to support their constituents implement the snack food and beverage guidelines How We Support Implementation in Schools

    27. Healthy Schools Product Navigator The Navigator is an online catalog schools can use to create a shopping list of foods that meet the Alliance’s healthy snack guidelines.

    28. Healthy Schools Product Calculator The Calculator will allow schools to enter values from nutrition labels and see if the product meets our guidelines.

    29. Contact Information 1-888-KID-HLTH