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Ancient Europe. Geography of Europe as a continent. Europe is one of the worlds smallest continents, but has influenced the world more than most. Geography of Europe as a continent.

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Geography of europe as a continent
Geography of Europe as a continent

  • Europe is one of the worlds smallest continents, but has influenced the world more than most.

Geography of europe as a continent1
Geography of Europe as a continent

  • Even though the size of Europe as a continent is only 10% large than our country USA, it has influenced the world.

  • Ancient Greece and Rome contributed much to civilization.

  • Great Britain, France, Spain, and other European countries have spread their cultures to many distant lands through exploration and colonization.

  • Europe is RICH of education and culture, and has made many important contributions to the arts and sciences.

More about geography of europe
More about geography of Europe

  • Europe is a great peninsula running west from Asia.

  • Europe, itself, has a

    lot of large peninsulas

    of its own, including

    the Iberian, Balkan,

    Italian, and Scandinavian.

Europe geography
Europe geography

  • Europe and Asia are often referred to as a single continent, called Eurasia, because there is no clear-cut dividing line between them.

Formal region of europe
Formal Region of Europe

  • Europe is bounded on the north by the Greenland, Norwegian, and Barents seas.

Formal regions continued
Formal regions continued

  • The eastern boundary is usually placed at the Ural Mountains and the western shore of the Caspian Sea.

Formal regions continued1
Formal Regions continued

  • On the south the continent is bounded by the Caucasus region and the Black Sea, and Mediterranean Sea.

Formal regions of europe
Formal Regions of Europe

  • On the west is the Atlantic Ocean

Let s talk greek
Let’s Talk GreeK

  • Greece is a peninsula, which means that it is surrounded on three sides by water.

  • Greece has a lot of smaller peninsulas sticking out from it, which means Greece enjoys many natural harbors. 

Let s talk greek1
Let’s talk Greek

  • Greece is also covered with mountains. They are not huge mountains but if you are trying to go from place to place in Greece, you'll find the mountains fall

    in your path. 

Greece geography
Greece geography

  • Three thousand years ago, it was very difficult to get from place to place in ancient Greece by walking.

  • But it was easy to get from place to place in Greece by boat.

Settling greeks
Settling Greeks

  • In the ancient world that grew up around the Mediterranean Sea, the Greeks became known as great sailors.

    They sailed about

    the Mediterranean,


    up colonies and

    outposts where

    they could.

Setting up shop
Setting up shop

  • The Greeks tried to set up a colony or two in Egypt, but the Egyptians chased them away.

  • They had more luck establishing new towns on the coast of Turkey, on the coast of Italy, on the coast of Africa, and on the coast of France.

  • Let’s look at a map

Back to greece
Back to Greece

  • Meanwhile, back in mainland Greece, cities were thriving.

  • The soil was mostly fertile.

  • The Greeks had a wealth of

    • seafood

    • fresh fish

    • vegetables

    • fresh drinking water

    • The Greeks were very happy with their land.

Early greece civilization
Early Greece Civilization

  • Early Greece could be a very dangerous place.

  • Violence was common.

  • Eventually people came together as groups for protection and developed CITY-STATES.

  • CITY STATE- a political unit made up of a city and all the surrounding lands

City states
City States

  • In the center of most city-states was a fortress on a hill. This hill was called the acropolis, which is Greek for “Top City”

City states and acropolis
City States and Acropolis’

  • Around the acropolis was the rest of the city, including houses and markets.

  • High walls usually protected the city from invaders and farmers

    that lived outside of the

    walls could seek

    protection within

    these walls during


Let s go to the lab

  • Today we will be writing a short newspaper article about a Greek acropolis of your choice.

  • Use the guided questions provide to you to form a well written article.

  • You may use one partner to write with.