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Space Knight

Space Knight

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Space Knight

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  1. Space Knight John Gaffrey CIS 488 Game Pitch

  2. Style Concept • A futuristic sci-fi world, with a medieval or gothic style of technology • User plays as a space knight, with a look of a traditional knight but with a technological futuristic look • Instead of magic, monsters and dragons, there is advanced technology, aliens or robots • Has an overall fantasy look however • Enemy is a “Dark Empire” composed of only robots, sort of like a “borg” type enemy

  3. Game Type • A Third person action/shooter • Has a behind the character view or over the shoulder, and uses the mouse to target attacks • Weapons include a weapon that doubles as a sword and laser gun • Similar concept to a game such as resident evil 4, but with better controls, (the mouse using a PC) • Movement requires the keyboard (forward, Backward, strafe left/right), while the mouse is just to force the knight to pivot towards mouse target either left or right, and knights animation just looks up or down

  4. Enemies • Robotic enemy Knight – Has the looks of the typical black knight in medieval fantasies, but more robotic/ cybernetic in appearance • AI – pathfinding, retreat, regroup, group attack, find cover, close quarters sword melee strategy

  5. Black Knight Robot Sketch

  6. Enemies cont. • Lurker type – can crawl along any surface, requires mostly projectile to destroy. Main purpose is to throw player off balance in cramped locations or when fighting both enemies • AI – pathfinding via any surface, try to dodge player targeting it

  7. Prototype Game View

  8. Weapons • A “laser sword” that doubles as both a melee and projectile weapon • Player can react faster to enemies around using a 3rd person perspective, in more cramped locations • Idea - perhaps try to make certain mouse motions correspond to different sword slashes, if melee sword is current weapon selected • Could create more strategy in melee fights with a variety of moves to choose from • Any other special “magic-like” “technology” ability

  9. Level Game Player • Open ended level • Non-linear • Hopefully combines a 3rd person action/shooter with the fast pace of an arcade game • Players starts from a crashed ship on a forest world • Must make their way to enemy castle/fortress • Either obtain an object, or eradicate enemy and wait for rescue • The forested world, and castle/fortress must have an alien or futuristic look to them, not just a level easily confused with any other medieval fantasy game