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Civil War. Review. Election of 1860 Secession. 1 st (Unofficial) Battle: Fort Sumter, SC. April 12, 1861 – General PGT Beauregard opened fire Major Robert Anderson tried to hold fort but ran out of supplies Lincoln declared South in rebellion. After Fort Sumter ….

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  • Election of 1860

  • Secession

1 st unofficial battle fort sumter sc
1st (Unofficial) Battle: Fort Sumter, SC

  • April 12, 1861 – General PGT Beauregard opened fire

  • Major Robert Anderson tried to hold fort but ran out of supplies

  • Lincoln declared South in rebellion

After fort sumter
After Fort Sumter

  • VA, NC, TN & AK joined Confederacy

  • Borders States - between North & South

    • became very important to the North – DE, MD, WV, KY & MO

Union strengths

More Railroads

More Factories

Balanced Economy

Larger Population

Functioning Gov’t.

Union Strengths

Confederate strengths

More Trained Officers

Defensive Position

Preservation of Way of Life

Confederate Strengths

New technology
New Technology

  • Bullet – long piece of metal w/ rounded end

New technology1
New Technology

2.Rifling – spiral groove cut inside gun barrel

New technology2
New Technology

  • Shell – Exploding cannon ball

New technology3

Canister – Shell filled w/ tiny lead balls

New Technology

New technology4

Ironclad Gunboats – steamships w/ iron plating

New Technology

Increased gov t power

Draft – required military service

Suspended Writ of Habeas Corpus – right to a trial before imprisonment

Increased Gov’t Power

Increased gov t power1

Internal Revenue Act – tax on liquor, tobacco, medicine & paper

became Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Increased Gov’t Power

Increased gov t power2

Created National Currency: Greenbacks

Increased Gov’t Power

Increased gov t power3

Pacific Railroad Act of 1862 – project to connect East & West w/ railroads

Increased Gov’t Power

Increased gov t power4
Increased Gov’t Power

  • Emancipation Proclamation: all enslaved people in areas of open rebellion were freed

Company c of the 54 th ma regiment
Company C of the 54th MA Regiment

  • 1st African American Regiment

  • Led by Colonel Robert Gould Shaw

  • Most of the regiment was killed during attack on Fort Wagner

Election of 18641
Election of 1864

Rep. – Abraham Lincoln

Dem. – George McClellan

  • Lincoln thought he would lose!

  • McClellan hated Lincoln!

Election of 18642
Election of 1864

  • Just before the election Sherman took Atlanta

  • This victory changed the country’s outlook

  • Lincoln won re-election

Civil war prison camps
Civil War Prison Camps


  • Point Lookout, MA

  • Camp Chase, OH

  • Fort Delaware

Civil war prison camps1
Civil War Prison Camps


  • Libby’s Prison, VA

  • Andersonville, Ga

    • 100 soldiers died a day

    • Commander guilty of war crimes

Medical conditions


Docs did not sterilize equipment!

Went days w/out washing equipment!

High rates of infection

Medical Conditions

Medical conditions1
Medical Conditions

Some tried to make changes:

  • Clara Barton – gave first aide to troops & started Red Cross

  • Dorothea Dix – Organized Union’s nursing corps



  • Flourished

  • Industry boomed

  • Women took jobs in factories


  • Declined

  • Food Shortages

  • Still produced cotton & not food crops