the revolution of 1800 n.
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The Revolution of 1800

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The Revolution of 1800. Sasso US I. The Election of 1800. The Federalists: Adams (MA) Pinckney (SC). The Republicans: Jefferson (VA) Burr (NY). The Revolution of 1800. As a Vice President in the early era of American politics, TJ had basically had four years off during Adams term

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the election of 1800
The Election of 1800

The Federalists:

Adams (MA) Pinckney (SC)

The Republicans:

Jefferson (VA) Burr (NY)

the revolution of 18001
The Revolution of 1800
  • As a Vice President in the early era of American politics, TJ had basically had four years off during Adams term
  • No real responsibilities for the VP; this is both good and bad for TJ
  • He would certainly run for President again in 1800, and his time as VP allowed him to further develop the Republicans
  • Based on his work with the VA and KY Resolutions, TJ will base the Republican platform on opposing sedition and opposing heavy taxation
  • He will try to prove that the federal government had become far too powerful under Federalist rule
the revolution of 18002
The Revolution of 1800
  • Campaign got ugly fairly fast
  • Both Adams and TJ tried to keep it dignified, but their supporters would not allow that (sound familiar?)
  • Federalists tried to portray TJ as a dangerous radical who would eliminate credit, debt, navy, etc.
  • Tried to convince people that TJ would destroy the country
  • Compared his followers to the radicals of the French Rev
  • Republicans tried to portray Adams as a tyrant with hopes to become a King
  • Also said that Adams planned to crush human liberty
  • Campaign also hit candidates on the personal front; this was the first time Jefferson’s involvement with Sally Hemmings was widely circulated
the revolution of 18003
The Revolution of 1800
  • The Republicans knew that they needed to win more votes in the North
  • Look to win over immigrants and laborers
  • Burr went to work in NY, mobilizing the Tammany Society
  • The Republicans took the city, and ultimately the state
the revolution of 18004
The Revolution of 1800
  • Adams campaign was derailed by his own Party
  • Many Federalists turned on him during his first term
  • Some sided with Pinckney, others flipped to the Republicans
  • The Alien and Sedition Acts had not helped his cause
the revolution of 18005
The Revolution of 1800
  • The election was very close with NY being the difference maker
  • However, there is a complication
  • Jefferson and Burr tie at the top with 73 electoral votes
  • Some shady business going on
  • By law, the House of Reps has to chose between the candidates
the revolution of 18006
The Revolution of 1800
  • This makes things even more interesting, because the House was controlled by the Federalists
  • Tough for them to decide; in their mind they have to go with lesser of 2 evils
  • Takes 6 days and 36 ballots to decide
  • House ultimately goes with TJ (thanks to Hamilton)
the revolution of 18007
The Revolution of 1800
  • This is a pretty unhappy spot for the Federalist to be in
  • They lost the Presidency (have it until March 1801)
  • They lost the majority in Congress (have that until April 1801)
  • The only thing they could possibly maintain control of is the Judiciary; so that’s where the Federalists will get busy
  • Judiciary Act of 1801- Greatly increases the number of federal judgeships
  • Who appoints federal judges? The President
  • Adams remaining time in office will be spent filling these positions with as many Federalists as possible
  • These men are referred to as the “Midnight Appointments”
the revolution of 18008
The Revolution of 1800
  • So what makes it a Revolution?
  • Republicans see this as the beginning of a new era, one where America returns to its true principles
  • Victors joyfully view their future, and put a lot of importance on the defeat of the Federalists
  • TJ is a totally different type of guy to be President
  • Hates crowds, speeches, dirty politics
  • Much more of a Renaissance Man
  • Wants to downplay the glamour and power of the President
  • Things will be very different…