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Recycling Enforcement

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Recycling Enforcement

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  1. Recycling Enforcement An Overview of Recycling Code Enforcement in Fairfax County

  2. Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves Summarize the recycling requirements for Fairfax County Outline the relevant ordinance, and our enforcement infrastructure and policies Discuss the next wave of outreach and other initiatives Objectives Fairfax County Solid Waste Management Program

  3. Fairfax County Solid Waste Management ProgramOrganization Solid Waste Management Program (SWMP) Mission Statement Our mission is to protect the public interest through solid waste management planning and regulatory oversight of the county’s refuse ordinances. We provide efficient and effective collection, recycling and disposal of solid waste for our customers in an environmentally responsible manner. Division of Solid Waste Disposal and Resource Recovery (DSWDRR) Division of Solid Waste Collection and Recycling (DSWCR)

  4. Chapter 109.1The Solid Waste Management Code Regulates the storage, collection, transportation and disposal of all solid waste. Establishes recycling requirements for single family and town homes, multi-family residential properties and non-residential properties. Requires permits and minimum service standards for private solid waste and recycling collection services. Specifies enforcement consequences by type of violation, establishes authority to impose penalties and enter Consent Agreements.

  5. Chapter 109.1New Requirements for 2008 Collection of recyclables using a packer truck can only be done if the vehicle is clearly placarded for that purpose. The mixing of source-separated recyclables with refuse is, quite simply, against the law. Flow control for MSW is re-established.

  6. Recycling in Fairfax County EVERYONE Recycles Paper & Cardboard! Residential Properties (Single-Family Homes & Townhouses) • Available for Curbside Collection: • Mixed Paper and Cardboard • Plastic Bottles/Jugs • Container Glass • Metal Food Containers • Yard Waste (Grass, leaves, brush) Multi-Family Residential Properties (Apartments & Condos) Permitted for Construction Prior to July 2007: Receiving a Permit for Construction After July 2007 or later: • Mixed Paper and Cardboard • Mixed Paper and Cardboard • Plastic Bottles/Jugs • Metal Food Containers

  7. Recycling in Fairfax County EVERYONE Recycles Paper & Cardboard! Non-Residential Properties (Businesses, Schools, & Institutions) • Must recycle mixed paper and cardboard • Commercial establishments producing large amounts of other recyclable materials may be required to recycle additional materials.

  8. Trash & Recyclables Collection • Approximately 30 solid waste collection service providers are licensed to operate in Fairfax County. • Residents also have the option to petition the Board of Supervisors to create a Sanitary District where residents receive weekly collection service from the county.

  9. Enforcement Resources • Three FT inspectors and a FT Code Enforcement Supervisor • Policy of Enforcement Action As Last Resort • Informal actions - verbal warnings • Formal written actions: NOE, Warning Letter, NOV • Negotiations, Use of Penalty Matrix, Consent Agreements • Statements of Service, Disposal Agreements • Litigation

  10. Openly investigate EVERY allegation or complaint about recycling, and take enforcement action on EVERY violation Review annual recycling tonnage reports and meet to discuss w/ the “bottom third of the class” The impact of single-stream collection and the County’s legislative response Enforcement Priorities Fairfax County Solid Waste Management Program

  11. Reaching Out to The NewestMembers of the Regulated Community • FT recycling outreach specialist, customized materials • Outreach prioritized by target sectors – currently apartment managers, hotels, responding to tenant calls • Cold calling and responding to complaints • Follow up with site visits and technical assistance • Build relationships w/ and thru trade associations • Requires persistence – initial experience has been that “these folks just don’t get it!” • Referral to enforcement as a last resort