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  1. Recycling By: Michelle Islas, Victoria Wug, Darija Stosic 8-1

  2. Why Recycle? When we all recycle waste is reduced, and all the negative impact of the waste is reduced.

  3. The effects on not recycling…. • This is what our waste land looks right now, it is disgusting.

  4. This is what our world would look like if we don’t take care of it. • If we don’t care for our land and recycling we live in our own waste land.

  5. If we Recycle…….. • This is what we could live in if we do recycling and care for our environment. We could live in a nice and clean environment

  6. We could help to make your planet a much and safer and cleaner place to live in. The first thing and the most main thing we could do is to recycle. Recycling is a good thing to do because we take out all of the plastic, glass, and aluminum, and re-use them for other necessary things we need for every day, like notebooks, water bottles, etc. We could make our planet a safer place to live in.

  7. How do we Recycle? The basic way of recycling is to: • Separate cans, plastic, and glass in 3 different bins • Separate papers, like newspapers and other papers in another bin

  8. Recycling in School! How to recycle in school…..

  9. Recycling in School (cont.)…… • In school usually there will be these big blue bins, like in the picture. In these bins throw out all the bottles, cans, glass. Sometimes there will be extra blue bins for paper, newspapers, etc. • In the regular trash cans throw out food, dirty napkins, and anything else that isn’t cans, bottles, glass, paper (except dirty napkins), plastic bags, etc.

  10. Other Ways to Recycle or be kind to our planet….. • Save energy! *turn off your lights when not in the room. *when brushing your teeth, turn off the faucet. ~ Use Fluorescent Light Bulbs (the swirly ones) • Beside using bottle or cans we could use tin bottles, if we do that we could save a lot of plastic! === Fluorescent Light Bulb == Tin Bottles

  11. Art about Recycling

  12. Bibliography (search engine)