please find a seat and complete the yellow form thank you n.
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Please find a seat and complete the yellow form. Thank you! PowerPoint Presentation
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Please find a seat and complete the yellow form. Thank you!

Please find a seat and complete the yellow form. Thank you!

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Please find a seat and complete the yellow form. Thank you!

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  1. Please find a seat and complete the yellow form. Thank you!

  2. Parent Curriculum Night2014-2015 Welcome to Fourth Grade

  3. Introductions

  4. Daily Schedule

  5. Reading • Transition from Learning to Read to Reading to Learn • Read and comprehend a variety of texts including fiction, non-fiction, drama and poetry • Build vocabulary by reading at appropriate difficulty levels and through word study • Improve fluency and oral reading by reading grade-level texts • Read silently with increasing ease for longer periods of time; students should select chapter books from the library that are challenging, but manageable • Read for different purposes (recipes, instructions for games, catalogs, etc.) as well as for enjoyment • Build critical thinking skills throughout the year & demonstrate them on the STAAR test

  6. Writing Workshop Writing Process • Brainstorming • Pre-Writing • Rough Draft • Revise & Edit • Final Draft • Rubric • Students will write in the Personal Narrative and Expository modes • Students will build fluency and take pride in their written work • “Cruise Write Along” will occur two weeks before the STAAR Writing Test to help students prepare

  7. Grammar and Spelling • Grammar lessons will include parts of speech, sentence structure, punctuation, proper usage, etc. • Students will use resources to find correct spellings, spell proficiently on daily work, and spell accurately in final drafts. • Weekly Spelling Lists will follow frequently used spelling patterns. Lists will be posted on your child’s reading teacher’s website.

  8. Math • New TEKS in 2014-2015 • Algebraic Patterns • Place Value • Fractions • Decimals • Measurement • Geometry • Financial Literacy • Problem Solving • Probability

  9. Social Studies • Texas History: • Economics • Government • Geography • Social changes in Texas • Citizenship, including Freedom Week

  10. Science • Matter & Energy • Ecosystems • Earth Science Patterns • Physical Science/ Properties of Substance and Matter • Physical Science/ Forces • Adaptations

  11. Specials • Specials alternate daily. • Classes rotate between PE, Music, and Art. • In you have not purchased a recorder, please do that as soon as possible. • Please make sure your child wears athletic shoes and appropriate clothing on his/her PE days.

  12. S.A.I.L.Student Assistance in Learning • Students will be grouped according to areas in which they need reinforcement and enrichment. • Sometimes students will be rotated among the Fourth Grade team to offer different teaching perspectives.

  13. Library Your child will visit the library on a designated day during reading class. He/she will attend biweekly.

  14. Food • Snack – Your child is allowed to bring a healthy snack with them to school to eat during our designated snack time. Students are encouraged to bring water bottles to class. Please no flavored drinks. • Please keep in mind if your child’s classroom is a “Peanut Free” zone. • Birthdays – One treat and one water bottle per student may be sent on the last Friday of the month. Please coordinate with your child’s teacher before bringing them. If your child has a food allergy, please provide an alternate treat for them.

  15. Class Parties • There will be three designated parties during the school year.

  16. Transportation • Students are no longer allowed to ride the bus home with a friend. Please make other arrangements. **Exceptions must be approved by Mrs. Glenn.** • Transportation changes need to be submitted to the front office by 1 p.m. Please email Heather Kenley at A pass will be given to your child at the end of the day. • For field trips, all students are required to ride the bus.

  17. Classroom Technology • Class websites • Remind 101 • Schoology • Google Drive for students • iPads and Chrome Books • SMART Boards

  18. District Grading Scale • Tests: 50% • Quizzes/Daily Work: 40% • Homework: 10%

  19. Grading Policy • Redo Work: • Students can correct any daily assignment that is below 70%. • The original grade and the redo grade will be averaged together. The maximum a student can earn is a 75%. • Corrections should be made following the teacher’s directions. • Do your best work the first time! • Late/Missing Work: • Work that is turned in late will have points taken off. • 1 Day late - 5 points • 2 Days late - 10 points • 3+ Days late - 70% is the highest grade possible • There is an automatic five point deduction on any papers that are turned in without a name. • *Parents can monitor students’ grades via Tx Connect. Please register!*

  20. Homework • Purpose: To reinforce and extend concepts that are taught in class. Please remind your child that homework should be completed in pencil & reflect his/her best effort. • Monday – Thursday • Reading – Reader’s Response or projects • Math • Occasional work from other subjects • Reading: Please have your child read 20 minutes every night. They will show what they have read by doing a “Reader’s Response.” Please initial this each night. • On occasion, work not completed in class will be sent home. These are for students who did not use their time wisely during instructional time. • If homework is incomplete, students will attend “Study Hall” during recess to finish. • **Make-up Work is due in the same amount of days your child is absent**

  21. Homework Binder • Students’ planners are in their binders, followed by their homework pages. **PTO was very generous in providing planners for free this year, so we want to thank them!!  • Things that are kept in the binder: • Reader’s Response questions/record sheet • Spelling and Vocabulary Words • Math Homework • Binders go home with the students EVERY night.

  22. Planners and Tuesday Folders • It is your child’s responsibility to write down their homework in their planner.(Please check it daily) • Weekly folders and communications will be sent home on Tuesdays.

  23. Behavioral System • Students are rewarded individually and as a whole group for positive behavior. • Some classes will use ClassDojo (App on iPAD) to monitor behavior within the classroom. • This program allows teachers to send parents a “behavior & skills report” by email, so that parents are aware of what has occurred within the classroom.

  24. “Live the Role, Be a R.O.l.E. Model!” • R – Respect • O – Own your choices • L – Listen Attentively • E – Exhibit your personal best

  25. H.A.L.L. • H – Heads forward • A – Arms to your sides • L – Line straight • L – Lips closed

  26. OLWEUS Bully Prevention Program • LTISD has incorporated the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program at all campuses with the integration of its key components for all students: • School-wide rules • Classroom meetings • Individual interventions • Parent involvement and community connection • Bullying is so severe, persistent and pervasive that it creates an intimidating, threatening or abusive educational environment.

  27. Attendance / Absences • It is important for your child to be in school to keep up with content and assignments. Also, attendance impacts our school ratings. • Please send a signed note or email with an explanation for your child’s absence. • Notes can be accepted up to 72 hours of the child’s return to school in order to be counted as an “Excused Absence.” • Work will be made up upon the child’s return to school. • (1 day absent = 1 day to makeup assignments).

  28. Class Website • Spelling & Vocabulary words for the week will be posted on your child’s ELA teacher’s website • Important dates and information about projects, field trips and upcoming events • 4th Grade Policies • Classroom “Wish List”

  29. Wish List Things we need throughout the year: • Wet Wipes • Hand Sanitizer • Colored Cardstock • Plastic Sleeves • Expo Markers • Gallon Ziploc bags

  30. Discovery Referrals (G/T Program) • Referral forms are in the front office or on Mrs. Cardarella’s website. • They are due by September 30, 2014 (Rm. 117). No late referrals accepted. • Testing will begin October 6th. • This is the only testing window for the 2014-2015 school year. • Please talk with your child’s teacher to see if your child is a candidate for the Discovery program.

  31. Characteristics of Gifted Students • - advanced/extensive vocabulary • - work advanced beyond the grade level/age • - extremely inquisitive, asks many questions, often challenging, provoking and/or demanding • - in-depth understanding of complex concepts • - persistence is evident in areas of interest • - high level of curiosity, energy, enthusiasm and vigor for new ideas • - advanced reasoning • - feels keenly about own ideas and solutions to problems, and often expresses them regardless of what others may think • - likes to examine new possibilities for problems/solutions, rather than fitting within a structure • - especially original imagination • - sustained attention span • - initiates projects and often prefers to work alone • - keenly observant • - keen sense of humor

  32. Conferences • Early Release Days: • Friday, October 3rd • Wednesday, October 8th • Look for an email next week to sign up for conferences via Sign-Up Genius.

  33. Testing Dates DATETEST • March 30 Day 1: STAAR Writing Test • March 31 Day 2: STAAR Writing Test • April 21 MathSTAAR Test • April 22 Reading STAAR Test

  34. Back to School Family Picnic • Thursday, September 18, 2014 • 5:30- 7:30 • If you wish to purchase dinners, return an order form, with payment to your teacher or the front office by 9/12/14. You can bring your own food and enjoy the fun!! • Dinners must be preordered and cannot be purchased at the event. Questions? Contact RoxiTsakas- ROXIJOHNSON@HOTMAIL.COM

  35. Destination imagination • Serene Hills Elementary offers many opportunities for your child to grow educationally. We are pleased to announce for this school year Destination ImagiNation (DI) will be offered. The DI program is offered across the United States and in 50 nations worldwide. It is a program that helps develop important life skills in our children. According to the Capital Area DI website, “DI is a non-profit, volunteer-led, caused-driven organization. Its purpose is to inspire and equip students to become the next generation of innovators and leaders.” • Teams are established based on grade levels, kindergarten through 2nd Grade will make up Early Development while 3rd grade through 5th grade will be presented with several challenges in which they will apply their imagination and innovation to solve a particular challenge. Students will be able to learn new creative ways to solve these challenges; thus, they learn to work together, solve problems effectively and most importantly, develop mutual respect for other students whose ideas may be different from their own. • If you would like for your child to participate in the DI program for this year, please fill out the attached registration sheet. While this program is based on the students being able to solve their challenges, each team must have a parent volunteer. We encourage anyone who would like to help make this program a success this year to please sign up! • All registration sheets must be turned in no later than September 19, 2014. Forms will be coming home in Tuesday folders.

  36. Thanks For Coming ! We appreciate all that you do!