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The Etruscans PowerPoint Presentation
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The Etruscans

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The Etruscans
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The Etruscans

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  1. The Etruscans • Founders of Italian Culture

  2. Etruscan Unit Concepts • 1. The Etruscans greatly influenced Roman art. • 2. Many architectural features thought to be Roman originated with the Etruscans. • 3. The Romans got their emphasis on realism and practicality from the Etruscans.

  3. Historical Background • Some historians aren’t sure where the Etruscans came from. Others think that they came from Ionia and, therefore, had some strong Greek influence. What we do know is that they settled in Northern and Central Italy. • 2200 B.C. to 509 B.C. (Lived with Romans from 800 B.C. to 509 B.C.)

  4. Life in the City-State • Etruscans lived in city-states, much like the Greek polis. • Their cities were defended by brick fortifications. • Tarquinia was their capitol city. • Their homes were built of brick and wood, so nothing remains. We know what they look like because models were built and placed in tombs.

  5. Porta Augusta, Perugia • City gate. This is why it is so well-fortified and strong. • What elements or architecture do you see here that are new? • What are echoes of Greek architecture?

  6. Roundels Jambs arch

  7. vocabulary Gifts of the Etruscans: • Arches and Vaults barrel vault Cross barrel vault groin vault arch A. Keystone B. voussoirs Arcade

  8. Etruscan Temples Greek Temple similarities and differences.

  9. Tumulus Tomb of Reliefs Etruscan belief in the afterlife is similar to Egypt in that they felt that the tomb would be an eternal home for the dead. To make them more comfortable pots and other items found in the home are carved into the walls. Tumulus of Cerveteri

  10. Etruscan Painting

  11. The Revelers, Tomb of the Leopards

  12. Tomb of the Lioness • Found in Tarquinia. Well-preserved paintings in tombs. Show that just beyond the end of life is a bright, happy world in death. • Notice the active role of women. How would you describe these figures? What culture does this remind you of?

  13. Etruscan Sculpture

  14. Sarcophagus from Cerveteri • Although most Etruscans preferred cremation, some used sarcophagi. Rather than seeing two solemn, gloomy people, this husband and wife are happy, smiling, almost inviting to the living. Made entirely of Terra Cotta. Incredible!

  15. Apollo of Veii • What Greek time period and influence do you see? • Made of Terra Cotta.

  16. She-wolf of the capitol The suckling Romulus and Remus were added in the Renaissance when this was moved to Capitoline Hill.