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NEESinc Diversity Efforts

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NEESinc Diversity Efforts. NEES Diversity Workshop. December 2, 2005 at UC San Diego Participants included Diversity Partners such as AISES, ORAU and SECME. Diversity Working Group. Key to Formulating this Plan: Thalia Anagnos, Chair Makola Abdullah Leigh Abts Mike Avritt Helen Boussalis

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Presentation Transcript
nees diversity workshop
NEES Diversity Workshop
  • December 2, 2005 at UC San Diego
  • Participants included Diversity Partners such as AISES, ORAU and SECME
diversity working group
Diversity Working Group

Key to Formulating this Plan:

  • Thalia Anagnos, Chair
  • Makola Abdullah
  • Leigh Abts
  • Mike Avritt
  • Helen Boussalis
  • Claude Brathwaite
  • Shirley Dyke
the vision
The Vision

Substantially broaden participation in earthquake engineering through development and implementation of key strategies, programs and practices.

underrepresented races

Figure 2: Ratios of Underrepresented Races of Baccalaureate and Doctoral Degrees Recipients in U.S. Universities in 2001

Underrepresented Races

Minority races in engineering are truly underrepresented.

why is broadening participation a priority for nees
Why is broadening participation a priority for NEES?
  • Model organization.
  • Successful outreach builds community of learners.
  • World-wide competitiveness.
neesr requirements
NEESR Requirements
  • Research team - The project team must include in the research activities, faculty and students from predominantly undergraduate institutions, women's colleges, historically black colleges and universities, Hispanic serving institutions, or tribal colleges and universities; or alternatively, include a partnership to integrate the proposed research, education, and outreach activities into existing NSF-funded Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation (LSAMP)…
diversity strategic plan goals
Diversity Strategic Plan Goals

Goal 1

Optimize NEES resources

Goal 2

Build relationships

Goal 3

Provide leadership

Goal 4

Effective evaluation

goal 1 optimize resources
Goal 1Optimize Resources

Activities include:

  • Leverage cyberinfrastructure
  • Coordinate activities
  • Use the website to raise awareness
  • Media
  • Interact with diverse communities
goal 2 building partner relationships
Goal 2Building Partner Relationships
  • Develop and nurture partnerships.
  • Work with national groups to develop fellowships/scholarships.
goal 3 provide leadership
Goal 3Provide Leadership
  • Best Practices
  • Diversity Working Group
  • Annual web-based demographic survey
  • Annual revision/update of DSP
goal 4 assessment
Goal 4 Assessment
  • Perform annually
  • Use experts
  • Feedback NSF Site Visit Team
  • Annual Long-Range Polling
accomplishments to date
Accomplishments to date:
  • Diversity Strategic Plan Version 1.5
  • Diversity Workshop
  • Annual Community Diversity Census
  • Tracking EOT efforts across NEES
  • Result of efforts = positive impact
  • Increased participation of underrepresented groups
  • New and creative ways of thinking
  • Legacy of opportunity
neesreu program
NEESreu Program

Funding announcement received in March

Term = two years

2006: 15 students

2007: 20 students

Oversight Groups

REU Oversight Subcommittee (ROS)

REU Working Group (RWG)

Goals for Student Participation Levels

Home institutions

Underrepresented groups

neesreu program1
NEESreu Program

Recruitment Partners

LSAMP Institutions




Student Activities

2006 Research Sites

Communication Skills Workshop

Cohort Experiences

Young Researchers’ Symposium

neesreu program2
NEESreu Program
  • 15 students are here today wearing the purple badges
  • Please join me in welcoming them to the NEES Annual Meeting