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Savanna Biome

Savanna Biome. BY: Allie Wengler Bozarth Block 2. Description:. Temperature range is 68 °f to 86 °f

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Savanna Biome

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  1. Savanna Biome BY: Allie Wengler Bozarth Block 2

  2. Description: Temperature range is 68°f to 86°f Locations: The savanna is where there is a dry winter and a six to eight month wet summer season. They are in Botswana, Namibia, Kenya, Southern Brazil, India, Australia, and half of the surface of Africa In the savanna there are extremely tall grasses, and occasional trees.

  3. Catching PrayLionPanthera Structure Camouflage coat Function They can easily sneak up on their pray by blending in to the tall grasses and then can attack them.

  4. Camouflage:Koala BearPhocolouictos Structure: Brown and gray fur Function Can camouflage itself from predators

  5. Movement Grant's ZebraBurchelli bohmi STRUCTURE legs FUNCTION Can run fast from predators

  6. Response to SurroundingsGrant's ZebraBurchelli bohmi Structure eyes Function When they see the predator the herd of zebras will bunch together. And because they all look the same they blend into each other and the predator will not be able to tell one zebra from another.

  7. Reproduction Egyptian Mongoose Ichneumon STRUCTURE • Claws FUNCTION • They can dig worms out of the ground and then they eat them.

  8. Stable internal conditions Koala Bear Phocolouictos Structure • skin Function • In the hot weather the koala bears go into a lake or pond to cool down

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