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Do Now. Justify why we use fossil fuels in power plants, even if they are bad for the environment. Why Not Battery Power?. Introduction. We hear a lot about the negative aspects of fossil fuels in the news

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do now
Do Now
  • Justify why we use fossil fuels in power plants, even if they are bad for the environment.
  • We hear a lot about the negative aspects of fossil fuels in the news
  • Being so progressive and environmentally-minded, we are going to design a house which runs completely on batteries
  • Unfortunately, high-voltage batteries can be expensive, so you need to try to keep the cost as low as possible
your goal
Your Goal
  • We have a 7 devices in our house that we need to power, and each device has a minimum voltage that it needs to run at (on the next slide)
  • You also have a list of half-reactions in front of you, along with their reduction potentials, and cost per unit
  • Your goal is to come up with the most cost-efficient combination of batteries to power all of the devices in your house
list of devices and minimum required voltages
List of Devices and Minimum Required Voltages
  • 1) Pick two half-reactions
  • 2) Determine the number of batteries required
  • 3) Calculate the cost for each of the half-cells
  • 4) Calculate the total battery’s cost
  • 5) Multiply by the number of batteries required (if necessary)
  • Alarm clock: 0.6V
  • Microwave: 2V
  • TV: 24V
  • Xbox 360: 7V
  • Water heater: 3V
  • Laptop computer: 12V
  • Overhead light: 4V
environmental impact of heavy metal mining
Environmental Impact of Heavy Metal Mining
  • Heavy metals tend to gather in clusters underground
  • If you dig to reach heavy metals that you want, you can also disturb metals you don’t (e.g., arsenic, mercury)
  • If those metals end up reaching groundwater, it can have far-reaching environmental impacts
  • Copper mine near Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
other environmental impacts of heavy metal mining
Other Environmental Impacts of Heavy Metal Mining
  • Cost and danger of digging tunnels through the ground can be extremely high
  • Other methods besides tunneling:
  • Strip mining (deforestation)
  • Mountaintop removal mining
  • Fracking (hydraulic fracturing)
battery recycling
Battery Recycling
  • Even if we were able to get all of these batteries, what do we do with them after we are done?
  • Could just dump them in the trash – basically free
  • Where would chemicals in the landfill end up going?
  • Recycling the can be very expensive (in the chemistry classroom as well)