scornful mocking according to merriam webster s word central n.
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Scornful, mocking, (according to Merriam Webster’s Word Central)

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Scornful, mocking, (according to Merriam Webster’s Word Central) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sardonic. Scornful, mocking, (according to Merriam Webster’s Word Central). By: Molly Robbins. Etymology.

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  • 1630s, from Fr. sardonique (16c.), from L. sardonius (but as if from L. *sardonicus) in Sardonius risus, loan-translation of Gk. sardonios (gelos) "of bitter or scornful (laughter)," altered from Homeric sardanios (of uncertain origin) by influence of Sardonios "Sardinian," because the Greeks believed that eating a certain plant they called sardonion (lit. "plant from Sardinia," see Sardinia) caused facial convulsions resembling those of sardonic laughter, usually followed by death. For nuances of usage, see humor. (according to The Online Etymology Dictionary)
word used in writing
Word used in writing
  • 'Sardonic Grin' Has Roots in Poisonous Herb

(Lorenzi, Rossella. “ ‘Sardonic Grin’ Has Roots in Poisonous Herb.” Discovery News. 20 May 2009. 1 December 2009. <>)

  • The resulting lopsided smile--sardonic and amused, eyes almost sparkling--was actually kind of charming, even though it was delivered by a man wearing a long black coat and a sword on his back. —  Storm Watcher Galley

(Wordnik. 1 December 2009. <>)

  • Our mood turned sardonic, and we pondered the odds of two of your family members getting eaten by sharks. — GaspingforAirtime

(Wordnik. 1 December 2009. <>)

things that are sardonic
Things that are sardonic
  • Saturday Night Live
  • The Soup
  • Connan O’Brien
  • The Daily Show
  • Rosie O’Donnell
  • Joan Rivers
  • Chelsea Lately
  • Kathy Griffin
  • Political Cartoons
  • Anne Telnaes (Creates Animated Political Cartoons)
visual representation of sardonic
Visual representation of sardonic

Animated political cartoon by Ann Telnaes for the Washington Post

Auditory representation of sardonic

A clip from The Daily Show