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Plan Your Yammer Launch PowerPoint Presentation
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Plan Your Yammer Launch

Plan Your Yammer Launch

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Plan Your Yammer Launch

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  1. Plan Your Yammer Launch Social Journey Template

  2. What is a Yammer Network Launch? A Yammer network launch is a powerful opportunity to create momentum and excitement around your network, through communications and trainings as well as events and activities that support the use of Yammer. A Yammer launch is a highly effective way to: build awareness of your network show support for the network’s goals demonstrate leadership within the community drive user adoption and engagement train on how and why to use the tool

  3. Customer Launches GA Communication Group Evergreen University Online Teekay Tyco Legal Aid Ontario Melbourne Water Corp Accenture-Shell Asahi Beer

  4. Customer Launch Example A Yammer customer coordinated a one-day global launch of its Yammer network. The activities included: Planning team & champions wore Yammer shirts Displayed Yammer banners throughout the offices Held a Photo Day to take employee Profile Pictures Dropped Yammer leaflets & post-its on all desks Set up dedicated Yammer Help Desks throughout the office to answer questions Displayed YammerFalls on screens throughout the offices

  5. Customer Launch Example A Yammer customer planned a week long network launch that included: Planning team & champions wore Yammer sweatshirts Held daily network competitions with Yammer prizes for the winners (pens, coffee mugs, water bottles, etc.) Held an executive YamJam to discuss company news Held daily Lunch & Learns to cover Yammer topics, and provided Yammer treats (like cookies, cotton candy, and more) Displayed YammerFallson screens throughout the offices

  6. Customer Launch Example A Yammer customer planned a month long network launch that included: Held weekly network competitions with prizes for the winners (Yammer water bottles, company shirts, etc.) Held a different Yammer training each week Posted YammerTips every day of the month Gave a cookie party to teams who participated in #NoEmailDay by switching all team communication into their team group Recapped the month with a Yammer newsletter to showcase the successes

  7. How to Choose Your Launch Event Consider your Yammer network vision and what your company goals are for using Yammer. How can your launch event support these objectives and these particular parts of the business? Consider your company culture. What types of activities will resonate with your leadership and your employees? Consider your time and resources. Mix and match different types of event activities to plan something that suits your needs and fits in your schedule.

  8. Types of Launch Activities

  9. Types of Launch Activities

  10. Types of Launch Activities

  11. Types of Launch Activities

  12. Types of Launch Activities

  13. Launch Communications & Trainings

  14. Support the Change In addition to a successful technological deployment, you also need a successful change management strategy around Yammer. Individuals throughout the organization need to understand WHY and HOW they should use the tool. This requires substantial training and communication during three main phases: pre-launch – before the launch date, to set expectations at-launch – at the launch date, to increase adoption and provide training post-launch – after the launch period, to maintain the momentum Help manage your communication and training strategy through a communication plan

  15. Pre-Launch Communications The primary objectives of these communications are to: Communicate your network vision to the organization Tell users what is going to happen at the launch and how they can get involved Define for employees why this will be beneficial for them, and how you plan to train them on the tool Train the main players on how to use yammer (execs, community managers, champions, etc.) Set up the Q&A forums within Yammer

  16. At-Launch Communications The primary objectives of these communications are to: Communicate Leadership support of the new tool and the vision Train employees on how to use Yammer in general, as well as how to use Yammer for their specific roles Direct users to your Community Managers and to the Yammer Help resources available to learn more about Yammer Create excitement and engagement around the launch of the network Provide desk drops, create banners/signs/screen savers, blog posts, etc. that hype the Yammer launch

  17. Post-Launch Communications The primary objectives of these communications are to: Promote your network in ways that will reach and inspire employees Showcase your network to leadership for increased visibility and support Provide additional trainings to employees who want to learn more Develop and grow your champion community Plan engagement events to maintain momentum For more information, see the Showcase Your Network guide:

  18. Engagement Events To ensure the ongoing success of your network, it is important to showcase your network through ongoing engagement events The purpose of showcasing, re-launching or holding an anniversary event for your Yammer network is to: • Re-communicate the vision so everyone is clear what the organization is trying to achieve with Yammer • Celebrate the successes that the organization has had to date with Yammer in order demonstrate business value and inspire others • Explain what the organization plans to achieve with Yammer in the next months or year • Encourage employees who are not already on Yammer to join • Show existing Yammer users how they can be more engaged • Promote Yammer to new parts of the business who could achieve business value from using the platform

  19. Engagement Events Consider some of the following examples of engagement and anniversary events that other customers have held: • Create a summary video covering the past year of your Yammer network, including its key successes, milestones and best conversations. • Why not create a Success Booklet (like Tyco) to showcase the successes of your network at your re-launch or anniversary event? • Hold a ‘social media week’ (like Richmond Housing Partnership) with live events and training sessions to mark the occasion. Include ‘Yammer lunches’ each day so staff can learn more during their lunch. • Hold 31 days of Yammer (like Cbeyond). Broadcast daily tips, create new Yammer mastheads, hold workshops and drive involvement from executives and employees throughout the organization. Learn how to do your own here: << link to 31 days of Yammer>>

  20. Yammer Resources Utilize and customize the Yammer templates and guides on, or use inspiration from the YCN community, to help you create and execute your launch plan Communication Materials: Communication plan: Yammer FAQ: Training Materials: Yaminar Videos: Intro to Yammer PPT: New User Guides: & Technical Guides: Admin Guide and Integration Manuals: Additional YES Trainings: Events: Certifications: