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Informative/ Definition Essays

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Informative/ Definition Essays - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Informative/ Definition Essays. How would you explain the relationship between and among these people?. What is a definition/ information essay?. Way of explaining a term, relationship, or idea that might be unfamiliar to the intended audience. You may define a term (gaming addiction)

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Presentation Transcript
what is a definition information essay
What is a definition/ information essay?
  • Way of explaining a term, relationship, or idea that might be unfamiliar to the intended audience.
    • You may define a term (gaming addiction)
    • Thing (perfume pills)
    • Relationship (how businesses are utilizing virtual world technology)
    • Idea/ Philosophy (Ethics of using drone technology in the military)
  • Inform
    • the audience about something they do not already understand
  • Persuade
    • Your audience of the importance of your topic/ idea/ etc.
extended definitions
Extended Definitions
  • Define the term/ idea/ object/ philosophy itself
    • Fork
    • Dalmatian
  • The class to which it belongs
    • Utensil
    • Breed of dog
  • Distinguishing Characteristics
    • Two or more prongs
    • Used for eating or serving food
    • Originated in Dalmatia
    • Has short, smooth coat with black or dark brown spots
an extended definition is specific and focused
An Extended Definition is Specific and Focused
  • Focus on a specific term, idea, relationship, or object
  • Discuss that one thing in great detail
  • Relate it to the audience using description and illustration
it makes a point thesis
It Makes A Point- Thesis
  • Thesis usually includes a brief definition of the term and why it is worth reading about.
    • Use of drones, or unmanned aircraft used by the military for espionage or attacking purposes by the military, is a highly unethical.
    • The act of giving students computers which can be taken home is a practice that only distracts students from their classwork.
use other patterns of development to clarify
Use other Patterns of Development to Clarify
  • Narrate
  • Illustrate- use stories and examples
  • Process- How it works
  • Compare and Contrast- define what it is and what it is not
  • Classify it into a category
  • Divide- show all of its parts
  • Cause and Effect
  • Argue its value or ethics
sufficient distinguishing characteristics and details
Sufficient Distinguishing Characteristics and Details
  • Use Vivid Language
  • Make the Reader Fully Understand what the term is
  • Mention many characteristics of what the term is
  • Address misconceptions so the reader can distinguish it from similar ideas
    • How online college classes are different from on campus classes
writing the essay prewriting
Writing the Essay- Prewriting
  • Read Information
  • Generate Ideas
  • Narrow the topic to a specific term
  • Find specific information and examples
    • Brainstorm with a friend
  • Consider your purpose
  • Audience
  • Point of View
  • Identify Distinguishing Characteristics and supporting Details
thesis and organizing
Thesis and Organizing
  • Develop a working thesis statement
    • Briefly defines term and tells why it is important
  • Evaluate your ideas
    • Do you have enough information
    • Facts, descriptions, expert testimony
  • Decide on the reader’s journey
    • What order should you present information
    • Outline it all
writing the draft
Writing the Draft
  • Include enough details and information
  • Consider including history or etymology of the term- where it came from
  • Use transitions
  • Write an effective introduction
    • Get the reader’s attention
    • Make sure the thesis is complex enough to be discussed for the entire paper
  • Write a Conclusive Conclusion
    • Reinforce the thesis
    • Draw essay to a satisfying close
re vision
  • Concentrate on ideas and organization
    • This improves grades by letters
    • Grammar and spelling improves grades by +
  • Think of other terms/ ideas that could be defined by your essay
    • If there is one, you must change something
  • Exceptions
    • How do you deal with what does not “fit” your defintion?
edit and proofread
Edit and Proofread
  • Only do this after a well revised essay as been made
  • CUPS (Capitalization, Usage, Punctuation, Spelling)
  • Improve wording and awkwardness
  • Check In-text Citations and Works Cited
  • Double check formatting etc. on turnitin and Word