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The Civil War (1861-1865)

The Civil War (1861-1865). North vs. South in 1861. Rating the North & the South. Slave/Free States Population, 1861. Railroad Lines, 1860. Resources: North vs. South. The Union & Confederacy in 1861. Men Present for Duty in the Civil War. Ohio Military Service.

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The Civil War (1861-1865)

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  1. TheCivil War(1861-1865)

  2. North vs. South in 1861

  3. Rating the North & the South

  4. Slave/Free States Population, 1861

  5. Railroad Lines, 1860

  6. Resources: North vs. South

  7. The Union & Confederacy in 1861

  8. Men Present for Duty in the Civil War

  9. Ohio Military Service

  10. Soldiers’ Occupations: North/South Combined

  11. Immigrantsas a %of a State’sPopulationin1860

  12. Leaders of the Union V.P Hannibal Hamlin 1861-1865

  13. The Leaders of the Confederacy Pres. Jefferson Davis VP Alexander Stevens

  14. Father was an officer in the Continental Army Older brothers fought in the War of 1812 – decorated by Andrew Jackson Jefferson Davis: Educated at West Point Served in the Blackhawk Wars Elected to the House of Representatives Rejoined the Army to fight in Mexican War - Rose to the rank of Colonel – decorated for bravery Served in the US Senate Appointed as Secretary of War by Franklin Pierce Re-elected to the Senate Resigned when Mississippi seceded

  15. The Confederate “White House” Confederate Capital established in Richmond Richmond Became the Union Army’s Primary Objective

  16. The Confederate Seal MOTTO  “With God As Our Vindicator”

  17. Overviewofthe North’sCivil WarStrategy: “Anaconda”Plan

  18. The “Anaconda” Plan

  19. Lincoln’s Generals Winfield Scott Joseph Hooker Ulysses S. Grant Irwin McDowell George McClellan George Meade Ambrose Burnside

  20. McClellan: I Can Do It All!

  21. The Confederate Generals “Stonewall” Jackson Nathan Bedford Forrest George Pickett Jeb Stuart James Longstreet Robert E. Lee

  22. War in the East: 1861-1862

  23. Battle of Bull Run (1st Manassas)July, 1861 The Hero of Bull Run: Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson

  24. Peninsula Campaign:McClellan out-Generaled by Lee

  25. The Peninsular Campaign: The Seven Days Battles – Bluffing on a Grand Scale Union Casualties: 15,849 Confederate Casualties: 20,135

  26. The Battle of the Ironclads,March, 1862 The Monitor vs.the Merrimac

  27. Damage on the Deck of the Monitor

  28. Buy Your Way Out of Military Service

  29. War in the East: 1861-1862

  30. Battle of Antietam “Bloodiest Single Day of the War” September 17, 1862 23,000 casualties

  31. TheEmancipationProclamation Jan. 1, 1863

  32. Emancipation in 1863

  33. The Southern View of Emancipation

  34. African-American Recruiting Poster

  35. The Famous 54th Massachusetts

  36. August Saint-Gaudens Memorial to Col. Robert Gould Shaw

  37. African-Americansin Civil War Battles

  38. Black Troops Freeing Slaves

  39. War in the East: Battle of Fredericksburg December 11-15, 1862 Another disaster for the Union: 12,000 casualties

  40. The War in the West 1862-1863

  41. The War in the West, 1863: Vicksburg

  42. The Road to Gettysburg: 1863

  43. Gettysburg Casualties

  44. The North Initiates the Draft, 1863

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