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Parasite Patrol. Introduction.

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Introduction l.jpg

Have you ever heard of amebic dysentery, African sleeping sickness, or malaria? These are some pretty nasty diseases caused by parasitic protists. One parasitic protist, Giardia, lives right here in the United States and makes thousands of people sick annually. Infections by parasitic protists are less common in the United States than in other parts of the world & are usually far less serious when they do occur. In some parts of the world, infections by parasitic protists can reach epidemic proportions and can cause serious and sometimes fatal illnesses.

The task l.jpg

You have been chosen to be a member of a team that will research and report on one parasitic protist.

Each team will consist of four members and each member will be responsible for researching several important questions.

1. The team will construct a wanted poster using Glogster for their assigned protist which displays your research results.

2. Each team member will turn in the answers to their questions including a bibliography giving credit to your research sources. ( This includes pictures and diagrams )

Projects are due: Wednesday, February 2

Presentations will be: Wednesday, February 2

The Task

The process l.jpg

Each team member should choose one of the following roles: research and report on one parasitic protist.

1. Taxonomist

2. Parasitologist

3. Environmental Expert

4. Physician

The Process

Taxonomist l.jpg

Your job is to research the answer to each of the following questions:

1. Give a physical description of the protist .

2. What is the classification of the protist ?

3. What is the basis of classification

(locomotion, feeding, reproduction, vector, etc.) ?


Parasitologist l.jpg

Your job is to research the answer to each of the following questions.

1. What is the protist’s life cycle?

2. How does the protist attack a victim? (method of transmission)

3. Who are the most common victims of this parasitic protist?


Environmental expert l.jpg

Your job is to research the answer to each of the following questions.

1. What is the geographical distribution (hide out) of your protist? Provide map and description.

2. What is the number of victims affected annually by the protist?

3. Describe your protists most notorious crimes from history.

Environmental Expert

Physician l.jpg

Your job is to research the answer to each of the following questions.

1. What disease is caused by this parasitic protist? Describe the damage to the host.

2. How do you test for infection?

3. What are the most effective weapons (prevention and treatments) against this



Your wanted poster should include l.jpg

1. “Mug shot” (electron micrograph or microscope picture/diagram) and caption

2. Physical description of pathogen (locomotion, feeding, reproduction, vector, etc.)

3. Classification (you may use the modern classification–different from notes)

4. Most common victims to prey upon

5. Description of life cycle

6. Hide out of the pathogen (map and description of geographical distribution)

7. Name of disease and description of damage to host

8. Number of victims (annual rate )

9. How to test for infection

10. Most effective weapons (prevention and treatment) against the pathogen

11. Most notorious crimes from history

Your Wanted poster Should Include:

Research presentations l.jpg

You will be given some class time to meet with your team. Use this time to assign jobs and plan your presentation.

Each team member must clearly explain their findings on the “poster” due Wednesday, February 2. Grammar and neatness will be graded!

Individual research summaries and bibliographies must be turned in on Wednesday, February. 2.

Peer evaluation will be part of your grade for this project.

Research & Presentations