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The Answer Document. Grade 5. Grade 8. Grade 11. MC Form and Prompt Number Sections J and K. State Testing Identifier Section G2. This information is located in the student atom in SASI in the field labeled State Testing Identifier. If missing contact Mr. Wall.

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Mc form and prompt number sections j and k
MC Form and Prompt NumberSections J and K

State testing identifier section g2
State Testing IdentifierSection G2

  • This information is located in the student atom in SASI in the field labeled State Testing Identifier. If missing contact Mr. Wall.

Limited english proficiency section s
Limited English Proficiency: Section S

  • Hidden in the Pre-ID label.


  • Think of adjustments this way:

    • You are seeking legitimate ways to exclude potential failing scores from the calculation of your school’s pass rate.

  • There are two types of adjustments

    • SOA: which deals with the calculation of Virginia accreditation rates.

    • AYP: which deals with the calculation of U.S. Annual Yearly Progress rates under the No Child Left Behind Act. AYP adjustments are not used with Writing SOL tests.

Adjustments continued

  • SOA

    • Failing scores are excluded from the calculation if the criteria are meet in one of the following areas:

      • Transfer

      • Limited English Proficient

Soa adjustment transfer
SOA Adjustment-Transfer

  • An Elementary or Middle School student is an SOA Transfer if they entered school from outside a Pittsylvania County school on or after September 27, 2005.

  • A High School student on a block schedule is an SOA Transfer if they entered school from outside the state (this includes private schools and home schools) on or after February 10, 2006.

  • A High School student in a year long class, like Governors School English 11, would be an SOA Transfer if they enter on or after September 27, 2005.

  • High School students that earned an English 11 credit in a school outside the division but test to earned the verified writing credit may be considered an SOA Transfer.

Soa adjustment lep
SOA Adjustment-LEP

  • A student is eligible for an SOA-LEP adjustment if they are an LEP students in levels 1, 2,3 or 4 AND they have been a student in Virginia public schools for less than 11 semesters. Since the Spring writing SOL is early in the semester do not count the current semester. You will have to count the current semester for the May tests.


  • Do Not grid the LEP bubble unless the student has been labeled as LEP in section S or in the Pre-ID label.

Other sections
Other Sections

  • Section N-Alternate Assessment students (grades 5 and 8)

  • Section O: Free/Reduced Lunch (in Pre-ID label), TANF

  • Section U: Omit

  • Section BB: RP Code -Alternative School students

  • Section M: SUB TEST on the high school form

Other sections continued
Other Sections…continued

  • Section Q –Brosville and Stony Mill only-grid math if the student is receiving Title I assistance in Math. See your Title I Coordinator for names.

  • Section R

    • 1. Migrant

    • 2. Homeless

    • 3. Neglected or Delinquent

  • Section V: Disability status- is located on the Pre-ID label.

  • Section W: High schools Only

  • Section X: omit

  • Section Y: High Schools only. Grid if the student has passed the English 11 class but is retesting in order to earn a verified writing credit. IMPORTANT: grid on the SECOND CHANCE TEST for students in an English 11 class but taking the second form of the test. DO NOT grid retest on the first test.

Other sections continued1
Other Sections…continued

  • Section Z: Testing Status-tells why the test was not taken or not completed. High schools do not have testing status 2, 3 or 12. No elementary or middle school students should use 12 (VGLA).

  • Section AA: Testing Accommodations. Tells accommodations used, there is a section for each part of the test. The student must be labeled as either disabled or LEP.

The pre id label
The Pre-ID Label

  • Seen: Last Name, First Name, Disability, Gender, Birthday, Grade, STI, Ethnicity, Teacher, School, Division

  • Not Seen: LEP status and LEP Proficiency, Free and Reduced Lunch status

Other information
Other information

  • The direct writing sample must be done with a soft number 2 pencil and must stay within the borders on each page.

  • Read to sessions must be recorded.

  • Marks in a booklet and examiner transfer answers must be verified by a second school official.

  • Dictation to a scribe must be taped and a second school official must verify the transcription.

  • When a word processor is used one school personnel must transcribe the sample from the document done on the word processor to the answer document and a second school official must verifying the transcription.